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This weekend we’ll be running an experiment for 48 hours where we’ll be temporarily changing the way garage supplies work. The changes will not affect drop supplies.


So, between 02:00 UTC on Saturday 18th, till 02:00 UTC on Monday 20th, you’ll be seeing the following changes:


  • Smart Cooldowns will be disabled
  • Active time for supplies will become 30 seconds
  • The cooldown for repeated use of the SAME supply will be increased
  • Supplies will not be reactivated if you’re destroyed
  • You won’t be able to activate supplies immediately upon entering a battle. You’ll have to wait.




Here are the new parameters for the experiment:


  • Repair Kit
    • Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • Double Armor
    • Active time: 30 seconds instead of 40
    • Cooldown: 60 sec
  • Double Damage
    • Active time: 30 seconds instead of 40
    • Cooldown: 60 sec
  • Speed Boost
    • Active time: 30 seconds instead of 40
    • Cooldown: 60 sec
  • Mine
    • Damage: No change
    • Cooldown: 45 seconds


When you joining the battle, all supplies will be on partial cooldown (one third of the total cooldown for each supply).


The reason for the experiment


Supplies in Tanki give you a huge advantage in battle. A tank with Double Armour and Double Damage activated, is roughly 4 times as powerful as the same tank without buffs. Because of this, supplies almost always beat skill, and that’s something you have been complaining about for a long time.


So, we’ve decided to experiment with supplies, and give our players a chance to play a different kind of Tanki Online.


With these settings, we want to increase the value of dropped supplies, and garage supplies that can be bought or earned in Daily Missions. We know it’s cool to activate all supplies at the same time, but with these settings, if you time it incorrectly, you will not be able to activate one of your buffs such as Double Armour for a long time.


As explained earlier, for now, these changes are a test and will only be in the game for 48 hours. Additionally, they will not affect supply drops — those will keep functioning as usual.


So, after tomorrow’s server restart, make sure you log into the game to give the new supplies a trial run, and then head over to the forum to discuss your impressions.

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