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Great news! The next server restart at 02:00 tomorrow, Friday 23rd December, will be bringing you some highly anticipated releases.


New Turret


The new missile launcher turret codenamed «Striker» will be joining the arsenal of available turrets tomorrow.


Striker has four barrels. Pressing the spacebar will fire a missile in a straight line from one of the barrels.


When holding down the spacebar, a laser beam similar to the one on Shaft, will appear. By pointing this laser beam towards an enemy, waiting for it to lock on, and releasing the spacebar, the missile launcher will fire four homing missiles that will try to find and destroy the targeted enemy.


These missiles can be avoided, especially by light hulls, but even if an enemy manages to avoid the shot, the missiles will still deal splash damage to any tank that is close enough to where they explode.


Of course, together with the new turret, we’ll also be releasing a set of protection modules with Striker protection.


New Batch of Alterations


In addition to the new turret, tomorrow’s release brings a new batch of 10 Alterations that will add even more variety to Tanki’s gameplay. Here’s what’s included in this batch:


Name: High pressure pump – Firebird

Description: Deal more damage and burn targets within range. Cone angle can make it harder to hit targets on a different elevation

Stats: Cone angle -70% | Range of max damage +100%


Name: Corrosive mix – Freeze

Description: Replace the refrigerating medium with a highly corrosive acid for extra damage. Freezing effect will be removed

Stats: Damage per second +10% | Freezing effect is off


Name: Support nanobots – Isida

Description: Nanobots settings are switched to support mode for additional healing time. Damage potential is reduced.

Stats: Energy capacity +4 seconds | Damage per second -30% | Healing per second -15% | Self-healing percentage doubled


Name: High capacity drum – Hammer

Description: Extended ammo capacity for great burst damage. Increased reload time requires better tactical maneuvering

Stats: Ammo per clip +2 | Clip reload time +35%


Name: Precision targeting system – Smoky

Description: High-quality barrel with adjustable aiming mechanism significantly increases damage. Takes longer to reload due to precision machinery.

Stats: Min damage +50% | Max damage +20% | Critical hit damage +20% | Reload time+40%


Name: Modified firing rate – Vulcan

Description: The firing rate is modified to optimize barrels spinning time. This results in more tactical flexibility and prolonged sustained fire. Damage is reduced.

Stats: Barrels spin up time -50% | Barrels spin down time -50% | Time to overheat +50% | Damage per second -25%


Name: Armor-Piercing Ammo – Thunder

Description: Replace standard explosive shells with armor-

piercing ammo. Removes self-damage as well as splash damage.

Stats: Self-damage removed | Splash damage removed


Name: High-caliber Ammo – Railgun

Description: Greatly improved damage per shot. Reloading takes longer but damage is worth it.

Stats: Min damage +40% | Max damage +40% | Reload time +50%


Name: Faster horizontal tracking – Railgun

Description: Horizontal aiming is faster, but at the expense of vertical aiming

Stats: Turret turning speed +35% | Auto-aim upwards -30% | Auto-aim downwards -30%


Name: Assault emitters – Shaft

Description: Additional fast shot damage increases survivability in close range encounters

Stats: Min damage +25% | Reload time +20%


As explained in episode 118 of the V-LOG, Alterations for Twins and Ricochet have not been included in this batch, as our devs are currently working on tweaking the damage mechanics in these two turrets.


Also, remember that these new alterations can be combined with those that were added in the first batch, which means there are now many more combinations you can use. So, if you’re using Hammer for example, you can choose to activate the «Slugger» Alteration, which improves Hammer’s accuracy, together with the «High Capacity Drum» Alteration.


With this release, we’ll also be making some changes to the Pro Battle Creation panel. The «Disable Micro-Upgrades» and «Disable Alterations» options are now separate, so after the update, you’ll have the option to enable/disable either one or both when creating a Pro Battle. You will also have the option to enable «Friendly Fire».


And to conclude, we’ll also be rolling out the special in-game decorations for the festive season.


Additional details about this release can be found in the Patch Notes.


So, make sure you log into the game tomorrow and check out the new Striker turret, Alterations, and in-game decorations. And keep watching our homepage and social media, because there’s a lot more coming this week!


By the way, if you want a shot at winning a fully micro-upgraded Striker turret, as well as Protection Modules with Striker resistance, and Gold Boxes, check out the awesome Striker Giveaway we’ll be running during the last week of December!

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