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We’ve got some cool new features coming with tomorrow’s server restart at 02:00 UTC. Here’s what you’ll find when you log into the game tomorrow.


System for multi-account support


After the update, you’ll be able to save login credentials for multiple accounts, and select which one you want to use when accessing the game. You can do this by clicking “Remember me” when logging in, which will add that account to your list of accounts, so that you can choose it when logging into the game.


So, if you’re secretly GodMode_On, it will be much easier to switch to your invincible self whenever you want!


By the way, this mechanism will work both in the web version and in the downloadable client version of the game.


Quick Battles


The “Quick Battles” feature we mentioned in a recent V-LOG will be rolled out with the next update. When accessing the game client (both downloadable and web version), you’ll see a button marked “Battle” on top of the battle list window. Clicking on this button will automatically take you to a battle that best fits your rank.


Additionally, the battle filters will also apply to Quick Battles. So, if you’ve filtered out DM battles, and only enabled TDM and CP, the Battle button will pick one of those battle types for you.


Please note that for now, the Quick Battles feature will only send you to battles on your current server. In a future update, the Battle button will be able to send you to the best battle for your rank on any server.


Other changes


As mentioned in a recent V-LOG, after the update, players without a Pro Pass will only be able to create 15 minute battles. For this reason, the “inactivity” time in-game is being reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, since skipping one third of a battle does not make sense.


So, make sure you log into the game tomorrow and check out the changes for yourself!


Full patch notes can be found here.

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