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We’ve just released a number of new features for Tanki Online, as well as several small, but pretty handy changes and fixes. Here’s what’s waiting for you in-game right now.

Daily Mission Chains

This major improvement to daily missions allows you to get additional bonuses for completing assignments on a regular basis.

To get a reward, you need to complete at least one daily mission every day for 7 days. Once you complete this chain, you’ll receive your bonus and proceed to the next 7-day chain, at the end of which will be a bigger reward.

If you break the chain by not completing a mission, the chain will be broken and you’ll have to start over at the beginning of the current chain. If you skip 2 days in a row, you’ll have to go back to the beginning of the previous week.

You can obtain the maximum possible bonus by completing 4 chains in a row, that is, by completing a mission every day for 28 days.

A completed chain will reward you with crystals or supplies, the number of which will depend on your rank, and on the number of chains you have completing in a row.

Improvements in Chats

You can now choose whether your direct messages to specific tankers should be displayed publicly, or kept private.

Clicking on a player’s nickname in chat will bring up a context menu that will allow you to select the type of message you want to send. You can choose the options “Write privately” or “Write publicly”. Alternatively, you can place “:” (for private messages) or “;” (for public messages) after the player’s nickname.

You can distinguish private direct messages from public ones due to the difference in color — private messages are highlighted in a brighter green.

Additionally, the nicknames of banned players in chats will be shown as regular text, without any highlighting.

Default text for gifts from banned players

Since the introduction of in-game gifts, some tankers have been abusing the custom messages feature to insult other players. This issue has been resolved with the update. If a player is banned, his custom gift messages will be replaced with a standard message.

Changes in chat links mechanism

In order to increase the level of account security in chats, we’ve changed the way links work in TO’s chats.

Safe links (battles, links to TO Wiki, help.tankionline.com and so on) are available at a single click. Links that are in the blacklist will remain masked as before. In all other cases, you can click on a link, but will first see a message informing you that we cannot guarantee the security of the target destination, and that we highly recommend you do not enter your login or password on it.

Suspicious battles for moderators

Battles with 2 or more tankers playing from the same IP will be highlighted with a special color for the game’s moderators. This way, helpers will be able to quickly react to cases where a player is breaking the rules, and promptly deal with sabotage and power-levelling.

Smaller changes and fixes

The update has also brought several smaller improvements to Tanki:

  • Dirty and Swash paints now have a different number of micro-upgrade steps
  • The notification for cancelling early termination in DM battles has changed

In addition to all that, our best minds keep doing their utmost to solve the issue of increased lags, poor game stability, and external interactions with the game’s servers. These will be solved as quickly as possible.

That’s all tankers! Enter the game right now to check out the changes for yourselves. Good luck!

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