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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th


A deadly warrior is one who sharpens both skills and mind. And when it comes to becoming a top tanker, no resource is better than the Tanki Online Newspaper, packed with strategies, tips, entertainment and crystal-winning contests.

The great news is that Issue 49 is out right now! Here are a few of the great articles waiting for you inside:

  1. A Definitive and Comparative Guide to Slugs — Night-Sisters and greyat bring together the two heavyweights of TO and measure them up against each other
  2. Top Ten Tanki: Game Changers — Fen-Harel walks us through the ten biggest game-changing, revolutionary moments ever to hit Tanki Online
  3. Map Strategy: Courage — greyat dissects this underrated map, proving that there’s a lot of fun to be had on it
  4. [Interview] Meet the New Reporters — An interview with the new kids on the block… of text (ok, that pun sucked; never mind, just check them out, they really are cool kids)
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Thunder — Its history, pros and cons, stats, and combos; Thekillerpenguin tells you all you need to know about the king of splash damage.

By the way, if you’d like to make your voice heard in the Tanki Online Newspaper, but are not interested in becoming a reporter, you’ll be happy to hear that the Editorials column is back and awaiting submissions. To find out more, head here.

Also, make sure you visit the Newspaper Requests! thread and tell us what topics you’d like us to feature in upcoming issues!

So, check out the main topic for Issue 49 right now!