Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd


We have just brought back the system for early battle termination — this time, reworked and improved.

Players can now split the funds for battles with an obvious outcome a lot quicker than before, without having to wait till the end of the round.

This is how it works:

If the winning team has twice as many players as the losing team, or more, the standard timer will be replaced by a special one with less time on it. Once this special timer runs out, the battle will end.

If the number of players in the losing team returns to being more than 50% of the opponent’s, the early termination is cancelled and the battle continues as usual.

Example: The system will get triggered in a battle where a team of 10 tankers is beating a team of 5 or less tankers. If the losing team gets a 6th player, the early battle termination will be cancelled.

The updated system also works for DM battles. In this case, it will get triggered when there’s only one player left in the battle.

As before, tankers will be able to enable or disable this system in PRO battles, inside the battle settings menu.

Enter the game right now and check out the updated early battle termination, and of course, share your opinion on it in the Tanki forum!

IMPORTANT: This update is not final — it might be adjusted or completely reworked based on the data we get from analyzing the game, or thanks to the feedback we receive from the community.

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