Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th


THE GAME has come to an end. It’s time to reveal the names of our winners and discover who amongst you has the sharpest brain, and the quickest reflexes!

Tanker DisappearedStar has managed to snatch the first place. He finished the quest with a score of 471 points and gets a prize of 1000 of each supply, a Tanki T-shirt, and a Dream Tank.

The top 100 places were occupied by players who scored between 109 and 455 points (inclusive). These players receive 500 of each supply.

Tankers who scored more than 25 points are rewarded with 50 of each supply.

Participants with a result of 25 points receive 10 of each supply.

All prizes have been sent out.

Thank you for taking part in our traditional annual quest. We hope you had a great time. Now, enough with the brainy stuff, let’s get back to some good old arena combat!