YouTubers VS Developers


There’s a festive vibe in the air…

and it’s not just because we’re getting close to the New Year…

but because Issue 45 of the Tanki Online Newspaper is here! (rhyme not intentional… honest).

This issue is packed with some great pieces to keep you entertained throughout the festive season:

  • Picky Presents — A Haiku, Limerick, and Occitan Sonnet by Vikingsrallentando to ease us into the festive mood
  • 2015: A Look Back — Contradiction walks us through the exciting events that characterized the year 2015 in Tanki Online
  • Tips for the Sneaky Tanker — In the spirit of gift-giving, this is sonofchrysalis3’s guide for the altruistic tanker who loves to deal out projectiles without receiving any in return
  • Winter Holidays across the Community — A compilation of festive traditions that highlights the amazing diversity in the TO community
  • [Story] Warphare: Final — Check out the final episode in this 5-part series by sonofchrysalis3
  • Holidays in Tanki: A Few Things to Do — greyat’s guide to making the very best of the holiday festivities in Tanki Online

And on top of all these goodies, there are even more stories, contests (with real crystals to be won), strategy guides, interviews and opinion pieces waiting for your eager consumption.

Also, make sure you visit the Newspaper Requests! thread and tell us what topics you’d like us to feature in upcoming issues!

So, check out the main topic (complete with appropriate festive decorations) for Issue 45 right now!