Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd


After a brief hiatus, the Tanki Online Newspaper is back with a vengeance!

In this issue:

  • How to Win Contests — Fen-Harel gives you the inside scoop on how to maximize your chances of winning TO Newspaper contests… and lots of crystals!
  • Results: Tanki In Ink — Talking about contests, check out the winning entries for the Tanki in Ink contest. That’s some cool artwork right there.
  • Shortcuts In Battle — TriNitroToIuene gives us a true tactician’s analysis of the shortcuts in TO maps and how to use them to maximum effect, leaving your enemies in the dust.
  • The Pathological Drugger — Night-Sisters says it how it is… there’s a difference between using supplies, and using them well.
  • The Ultimate Guide to: Hunter — If you’ve ever had questions about Hunter, greyat has the answers right here.

Of course, there’s a lot more in this issue — stories, contests (with real crystals to be won), strategy guides and opinion pieces.

And if you’re hungry for more, make sure you visit the Newspaper Requests! thread and tell us what topics you’d like us to feature in upcoming issues!

So, head over to the main topic of Issue 43 right now.