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The long-awaited Daily Missions are now in Tanki Online!

Daily missions are optional “tasks” that every tanker receives upon entering the game. They replace the Daily Gifts feature.

Every day, you’ll be getting 3 missions from a selection of tasks. These are the ones currently available:

  • Earn a specific amount of experience points
  • Finish 1st in a battle
  • Earn experience on a specific map or in a specific battle mode
  • Deliver a specific number of flags
  • Capture a specific number of points
  • Destroy a specific number of opponents
  • Pick up a specific number of supplies

Completing a mission will award you crystals or supplies. The size of the prize can range from the equivalent of half a daily gift for the simplest task, to a whopping 20 daily gifts for the most rare and challenging one — it all depends on your rank and the difficulty of the task in question.

We’ll also be having two rare missions exclusively for Generalissimos: “Destroy 9 999 tanks” and “Earn 99 999 experience points”. Completing one of these very demanding challenges will award a considerable amount of crystals or supplies, or the Hornet XT or Railgun XT. The XTs have a custom look but their specifications are identical to the regular M3 Hornet and Railgun. Additionally, they can be fully micro-upgraded and once acquired, they are yours forever.

Daily missions are not reset with scheduled server restarts. This means you can take as long as you need to perform a specific mission — an hour, a day, a week, or more.

If for some reason you don’t like a mission, or find it too hard to complete, you can exchange it for a task of a different type. You can do this once a day for free, and any number of times after that for a specific amount of crystals. The cost in crystals will depend on your rank.

The daily missions system is available to players with a rank of Corporal or higher. By the way, the Double Crystal Card hasn’t gone anywhere and is still randomly issued to absolutely all players in the game. Recruits, Privates and Gefreiters can also randomly get a daily 30% Score Multiplier Pass.

Additionally, we have adjusted the characteristics of close-range turrets. Freeze, Firebird and Isida now have comparable maximum ranges. This allows them to interact and compete on more equal terms. You can find more info on the changes here.

That’s it, tankers. Enter the game and click on the “Missions” button to see your current tasks, exchange them for other missions, and collect the rewards for the missions you have already completed. Good luck!

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