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Today, we’ve made several changes to turret and hull parameters, and adjusted the way Repair Kits, Mines and Gold Boxes work. Additionally, chat candidates, moderators and administrators are now marked with special icons on server and battle chats. Finally, the game now features an ability to change the speed of the turret rotation camera. More info on each of these changes can be found below.

Changes in turret and hull parameters

Since the last balance changes, we’ve been carefully studying equipment statistics and use, as well as player feedback. In the end, it became clear that more balance tweaks were needed. Updated turret and hull parameters are explained in full detail here.

Changes in the way supplies and gold boxes work

The cooldown time for Repair Kits was too short. This made a tank virtually impossible to destroy if its owner had lots of that supply. With this update, this issue has now been fixed, so now tankers cannot use Repair Kits as frequently as before.

Mine cooldown time is now faster, to make the supply more appealing and effective.

Changes have also affected the gold box. Now the box is dropped 30 seconds after the notification, instead of 20 seconds as before the update. This means more tankers will be able to get to the drop zone in time!

More info on these changes can be found here.

Icons for chat moderators

Chat candidates, moderators and administrators are now marked with special icons on battle and server chats. Finding someone who can help you out on the chat will now be a lot easier. More importantly, impersonating a moderator will be virtually impossible.

Camera speed adjustment

With the update, you can now manually adjust the speed of your turret rotation camera. Get detailed instructions on how to do that in the wiki.

That’s all, tankers! Enter Tanki Online and try out all the changes for yourselves. As always, feel free to share your impressions in the forum.

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