Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello tankers!

Today, Tanki has received yet another feature for you to play with — the mouse control option!

You can use your mouse for camera control, aiming and shooting. Mouse controls can be enabled by using the respective option in the game settings page.

You will then need to enter fullscreen mode. To do so, simple left-click anywhere inside the game area (not the interface) during a battle. You can also use the dedicated fullscreen button in the upper menu.

To make the cursor appear while using mouse controls, press and hold the TAB key.

We have also added the ability to control your camera without rotating the turret. This is a welcome change for fans of turrets that have a slow rotation speed. Holding the right mouse button allows you to look around without rotating your turret.

You can switch between keyboard-only and mouse controls at any moment. To do that, use the turret rotation keys or the left mouse button respectively.

The mouse is an alternative control option aimed at those who are just starting out with Tanki, or existing players who would like to try out something new. It’s an additional feature. It can be easily disabled in the settings to prevent any accidental clicks.

What you see in the game is not the final version of the feature. It will be improved further, to make it more stable and easier to use. Also, due to restrictions outside our control, this feature is currently not supported by Chrome and Safari browsers. If you would like to try out mouse controls and your browser prevents you from doing so, please install Firefox or Opera.

By the way, we have also made some changes to the auto-aim mechanism:

  • Isida now aims not at the center of an enemy tank, but at the closest point of it.
  • Turrets now better aim for small visible parts of enemy tanks at long distances.
  • Auto-aim mechanism has been optimized, which can lead to performance improvements in some cases.

That’s all for now. Time for you to try out mouse controls! Make sure you share your thoughts about this new feature in the forum. Your feedback will help us polish it to perfection.

Good luck, tankers!

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