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Vulcan and new paints are in the game right now!

Hello tankers!

Today, we are happy to introduce the long-awaited Vulcan turret, as well as 13 new protective paints! We have also updated the model of Hammer and made several changes to the parameters of Firebird, Twins and Ricochet. Let’s look into this in detail.

New turret
Vulcan is a turret ideal for combat at medium and long ranges. It is capable of firing indefinitely. However, after shooting for a significant amount of time, it will start building up heat. This will cause your tank to suffer damage. The self-damage feature can be countered by equipping a paint with Firebird protection. Another unique feature of this new turret is its gyroscope. Once Vulcan’s barrels are rotating, it will be fixed in the direction it is firing. Knocking off its aim will be very challenging. This is the first gun that will let you control the hull while the turret is facing the desired direction.

New paints
We have added to the game, 13 new paints with Vulcan protection. Five of them also help in dealing with Hammer’s shots. Detailed descriptions of the new paints can be found below.

Available from: Sergeant
Price: 2 000 crystals
18% against Vulcan


Available from: Warrant Officer 2
Price: 23 000 crystals
25% against Vulcan, 8% against Hammer, 5% against Shaft


Available from: Warrant Officer 4
Price: 35 500 crystals
15% against Vulcan, 15% against Ricochet, 10% against Thunder


Available from: Warrant Officer 5
Price: 42 500 crystals
20% against Railgun, 12% against Vulcan, 10% against Smoky


Available from: Third Lieutenant
Price: 50 500 crystals
20% against Hammer, 20% against Isida, 10% against Vulcan


Available from: Major
Price: 90 500 crystals
25% against Vulcan, 20% against Shaft, 17% against Railgun


Available from: Lieutenant Colonel
Price: 102 500 crystals
30% against Hammer, 30% against Vulcan, 6% against Firebird


Available from: Brigadier
Price: 129 000 crystals
30% against Twins, 25% against Thunder, 20% against Vulcan


Available from: Lieutenant General
Price: 159 000 crystals
33% against Vulcan, 25% against Ricochet, 20% against Freeze


Available from: Fieldmarshal
Price: 210 000 crystals
30% against Hammer, 25% against Vulcan, 20% against Railgun, 18% against Isida


Available from: Generalissimo
Price: 250 000 crystals
50% against Vulcan, 25% against Twins, 25% against Shaft


Available from: Generalissimo
Price: 300 000 crystals
20% against Hammer, 30% against Vulcan, 25% against Twins, 25% against Thunder


Available from: Generalissimo
Price: 300 000 crystals
30% against Isida, 30% against Firebird, 30% against Freeze, 10% against Vulcan


Updated looks for Hammer
We have updated the model of Hammer. The longer barrel reflects the turret’s parameters and accuracy better, while the reworked textures for all modifications helps Hammer fit the game’s visual style better.

Changes in parameters of turrets
The introduction of a new turret always leads to changes in the balance of other weapons. To keep all the turrets in the game competitive, we have made several changes to the parameters of Firebird, Ricochet and Twins.

  • Firebird’s burning damage has been doubled, while the enemy tanks’ cooling time has been decreased by half. This means that burning tanks will receive the same damage as before but in half the time.
  • Twins’ projectiles travel a bit faster. As before, their speed can be further increased by micro-upgrading the Range parameter.
  • Ricochet spends less energy per shot. For example, a fully micro-upgraded M3 is now capable of shooting 12 balls instead of the previous 10.

Make sure you enter the game and try all the new things for yourselves. As always, you can share your impressions in the forum or via the poll.