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Paints with Hammer protection!

Hello tankers!

As of today, the game features the long-awaited paints with Hammer protection! We have added 7 all-new paints. You can find their detailed descriptions below.

Available from: Staff Sergeant
Price: 3 000 crystals
20% against Hammer

Available from: Warrant Officer 1
Price: 23 000 crystals
18% against Hammer
10% against Isida
6% against Railgun

Available from: Warrant Officer 3
Price: 29 000 crystals
30% against Hammer
10% against Ricochet

Available from: Colonel
Price: 138 000 crystals
35% against Hammer
15% against Firebird
10% against Freeze
10% against Twins

Available from: Major General
Price: 143 500 crystals
33% against Hammer
27% against Firebird
18% against Isida

Available from: General
Price: 175 000 crystals
40% against Hammer
30% against Smoky
15% against Railgun

Available from: Marshal
Price: 231 000 crystals
30% against Hammer
28% against Ricochet
20% against Smoky
10% against Firebird

Protection against the shotgun turret has also been added to several existing paints. In their case, the Hammer protection is an additional one, so their prices, and the ranks at which they become available, have remained the same.

“Storm”: 5% against Hammer added
“Desert”: 10% against Hammer added
“Roger”: 15% against Hammer added
“Jade”: 15% against Hammer added
“Rock”: 10% against Hammer added

In the near future, we will also introduce paints offering protection from both Hammer and Vulcan. They will be added to the game with the release of the machine gun turret.

This same update has also brought a small but handy change to the game’s interface. If you access the lobby while in the middle a battle, you can choose whether to remain in the fight while visiting it, or leave the match altogether.

Finally, some maps have received additional drop zones for gold boxes. A while ago, we made the drop points for gold boxes less predictable on the most popular arenas. Now it’s time to extend this to all the remaining maps.

That’s all for now. Enter the game and check out how the new paints look on your battle machine. And make sure you share your impressions about them in the forum and via the poll!