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New Year Rank Up: Results


The rank-up contest has come to an end. We asked you to shoot your rank-up moments in a spectacular fashion… and you definitely delivered.

Our winners are below, together with their respective videos. The reward is 200 000 crystals and 200 of each supply per team.

carlygnr, Eddy96King, nozza10, mortall99, crazypattom

T.O.ww, Ngioeelds, Betty-KABOOM, tigerens, drijfsijssie

A_L_A_S_T_O_R_A, ABN-GAZA, GhOsT.NiGhT, TT3B-Lo-TL3B, haany

balo1999, DioDavid2323, legendary-petak, uborka2, i200000

assassin123456787, omgtanker, shot91160, Nirmaleer, jiangreo

CcC-T.i.q.R.i.S_TR, No.Matter, VURKAC, Winner_of_Turkey, SAMPIYONN

spolis fighter566, The.wendeta, Winner_Of_Turkey, shot91160

Soccershooter413, Ricardo_O, Andracaleb6, LOKO_X, To_Hot_For_You

xMoneyMaker, DarthvaderjonGTR, agentforgod7, DeadlyPlayer123, Vithun2000

Snow.HD, sachet100, fighter566, alex334567

hovnocuc12345678910, adulajdak, filipsuperborec, krystiancichy

Jtipt.The.Killer, vedu47, armenia1313, trollface.jpg

aart13, wolt3r, arcizs2009

MIKI3, kennyn1912, estaislocos

idans, Im-Just.A-child

RiChRaCh, R.i.C.h.R.a.C.h

arturka-drug, SSMJ

We’ve also got a number of submissions that didn’t quite make it to the very top, but still impressed us with their effort and quality. The reward for these is 100 000 crystals and 100 of each supply per team. Additionally, we’ve handed out loads of consolation prizes. A whopping 868 tankers get 5000 crystals each. Names of these players and their videos can be found in the forum.

Thank you for taking part in the contest. We’ve got many others lined up for you. Make sure you watch this space to stay up to date!