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A whole bunch of updates are out!

Hello tankers!

Today we’ve rolled out numerous changes and additions to the game. Get more information on each of them below.

Adjusted impact force for Railgun and Smoky
With the introduction of the auto-aim feature for enemy turrets, light hulls started flipping over too frequently when hit by Railgun or Smoky. This was especially noticeable in format battles. We analyzed player feedback and decreased the impact force of Railgun and Smoky. Now, flipping over a Wasp or a Hornet is still possible, but it requires some skill!

New map
By popular request, we’ve added an updated version of last year’s New Year map to the game. It is called Aleksandrovsk. It supports all battle modes and is available in both summer and winter themes.

Updated rank limits for higher ranks
We have decreased the rank limits for players of higher ranks. Previously, a Warrant Officer with M1 equipment could easily end up in a battle with Generalissimos on M3 turrets and hulls. This was undesirable for both parties. The former had practically no chance of winning, while latter were unhappy with lower rank tankers being unable to affect the outcome of a battle. Now, irrespective of the rank, players will be facing opponents of the same weight category. You can find the updated rank limits on our wiki.

New opening ranks for maps
Most maps now have different ranks at which they become available. Tanki newbies will have access to those arenas that are easiest to learn. More tactically diverse arenas will unlock as a tanker earns higher ranks. Also, all maps are now unlocked upon reaching the 11th rank, rather than the 14th rank as previously required.

Email notification after every crystal purchase
If you have an email address linked to your game account, you will now be receiving an email notification every time you purchase crystals. This will include the date of payment, the number of crystals bought, the payment system and the payment method.

Small changes
The Madness map now supports up to 32 players. We’ve also increased the acceleration of Shaft’s scope in sniping mode.

That’s it for this update. You can share your impressions on the changes in the forum and via the poll. See you, tankers!