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Night Mode for maps and Shaft’s laser scope

Tankers! Our game keeps evolving. Today marks the release of two, new, exciting updates. Let’s look into them in more detail!

Laser scope for Shaft

Before this update, Shafts used to be very challenging opponents, to the extent that some tankers found them frustrating to deal with. This was mainly because an instant kill from a Shaft was impossible to predict.

However, Shaft is a turret that is totally unique in terms of gameplay. Because of that, we want to keep it in Tanki. Of course, we also want tankers to have a fair shot at defending themselves from Shaft’s sniping attacks and dealing with it effectively.

Our solution is the laser scope. From now on, while in sniping mode, Shaft will project a laser beam visible to everyone in the arena. This will make Shaft attacks more predictable, and will add a new tactical dimension to the game, both for Shaft users and their opponents. You’ll be able to spot enemy snipers more easily and use alternative routes to get close enough to deal with them. On the other hand, one or several Shafts controlling a narrow pass, will discourage anyone from trying to break through.

We have also removed the shake from Shaft’s scope view, making long-range precision kills easier and deadlier. Whether you are a Shaft user yourself, or a tanker trying sneak past enemy snipers, this update is definitely worth checking out.

Night mode for maps

If you’re looking for a new way to experience Tanki Online, you’re going to love the new Night Mode. The darker sky and textures, as well as the illuminated drop boxes and flags, will not only make the experience more immersive, but also add a whole new tactical element. While an illuminated flag will be easier to locate, it will also make your position a lot more evident while carrying it, making you an easier target to spot.

For now, Night Mode is exclusively available on Rio, Sandbox, Barda, Kungur, Polygon, Silence, Stadium and Future. Eventually, if the feature proves to be popular, we might choose to make it available on all maps.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new updates. Make sure you give us your feedback; it will help continue to improve the game, making it more fun and engaging for you.