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New turret already in the game!


Our game now has its own shotgun! Hammer is already on the main servers!

Hammer is a short-range turret that deals massive damage up close. Essentially a shotgun, Hammer is capable of damaging several opponents with one shot at medium ranges. The damage each target receives, depends on the number of pellets hitting it.

Hammer fires at a rate similar to Smoky’s, but it must reload after three shots. Reloading takes about the same time as Railgun.

Protection from Hammer will soon be added to several existing paints. Additionally, we’ll be introducing new paints aimed primarily at protecting your tank from the Hammer’s damage.

We have also improved the auto-aim mechanism for all turrets in the game. Now your gun can aim not just at a tank’s hull, but at its turret as well. Hitting an opponent’s turret can flip him over or knock off his aim considerably.

If you’ve been looking for a new challenge, or a new experience in Tanki Online, you might want to try out Hammer. This new turret, together with the improved auto-aim feature, brings lots of fresh, new gameplay for you to experiment with. Check them out in the arena, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the forum.