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Smart Cooldowns go live!

You’re probably familiar with the situation of wanting to activate supplies, but not doing so because others might blame you for not being able to play properly. On the other hand, activating all supplies against an opponent who also has all supplies activated, is kind of irritating too, as no one gets an advantage — double armor is compensated with double protection for the opponent, and you’re just wasting supplies.

To eliminate this kind of situation, and turn supplies into a valuable gaming element, we have introduced smart cooldowns. Activating one of the supplies puts it, and several other supplies in cooldown.

Now, a tank with all supplies activated is the result of a well planned combination of garage boosts and drop box supplies. Noobs do not have the skill to do that! 🙂

To avoid confusion from having different active times for garage and drop box supplies, we have given them all the same cooldown time, 45 seconds. This is exactly what is needed according to the results of the open testing. The update also includes unified icons for supplies both in the interface and in the game itself, as well as their improved indication.

We know that this might take some getting used to, but we are sure that playing Tanki will be more exciting. To make the transition smoother, we have doubled all of your garage supplies! On top of that, during the whole week you will be getting additional daily gifts with 5 times the usual number of supplies!