Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd

This time we’ve got something really interesting to share with you guys. Some time ago we talked to the producer of the game, Anton Volkov, and asked him one of the most frequently asked questions. When there will be new turrets and hulls in Tanki Online?

The answer to that was reassuring. As soon as the developers team finishes two big projects which are micro-upgrades and friends system, game designers will start working on prototypes of new hulls and weapons.

First about hulls. We all know that all the existing ones don’t differ from one another that much. We’d like to give new experience. For example, a so-called hovercraft which doesn’t touch the ground when moving. So it can easily descend from a bridge without rolling over. On the other hand due to low grip the hovercraft is unstable when it is being hit.

Another interesting thing. A simply looking hull. But when it reaches the destination you press some keys and it deploys itself. After that the hull can’t move but its protection becomes several times bigger. In order to change the position you’ll have to assemble the tank again which will take some time. So that’s what we want to do. To experiment with other game mechanics.

As for turrets, there some ideas already as well. For example, imagine you launch a missile by pressing spacebar. When it leaves the barrel of your tank the camera follows the missile and enables you to control it, maybe even go around corners. The thing is you don’t see what’s happening to your tank at the moment.

Another idea is a shotgun. Just fast massive damage at short range and long reload.

We can expect to start seeing new weapons and hulls in the game at the beginning of the next year. Stay tuned!