Tanki Fund
Tanki Fund
Hey Tankmen!
It’s been proven that Tanki education is necessary for an easy way around the game channels. That is why we have the video guide day on Fridays to help inform new and veteran tankmen on the simple but not so simple day to day aspects.

The goal is simple: Players enter Tanki Online  and rank up and buy new guns, hulls and paints. You play until you can’t rank up anymore. Plenty of players hit that ceiling quickly, so much like someone who devours a book in three hours and can’t bear to part with the characters, “Tanki Online” players simply go back to the beginning and start over. The developers are working on keeping the guys at the ceiling entertained too. One of the developments was the CP (control points) mode. Most players have played the CP mode but still do not know exactly how to play it in the correct way. Here is a simple tutorial approved by the makers of the CP mode as the ideal way of playing it.

Next time you enter a CP mode battle, remember these tips.

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