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Hey Tankmen!

We have an interview with 2 people who have become quite famous throughout the English community, these people know each other both on and offline. Read on to find out who they are and a bit about them!

Lhamster: Hello, tell us who you are and a bit about yourselves.
Flipsquad: I’m FlipSquad – English chat/forum moderator.  I’m older than most players :P . I live in the USA.   I’ve been playing for 1 yr 3 months now and enjoyed most of it.
MizARee: My tanki name is MizARee. I have been playing now for over a year. In the beginning of this year I decided to try to become a mod to help with the hackers.  I enjoy playing the game and talking with all the tankers.
Lhamster: Cool, how did you find and join Tanki?
Flipsquad: I’ve known Miz longer than I’ve been playing Tanki.  As our old game (Facebook game) came to a close, I needed another game to pass the time.  Miz had mention Tanki which DTeCH was already playing.  She showed me video and screenshot and at first I didn’t think I would like it.  But here I am 1 year later a Marshal & a Mod.
MizARee: My friend DTeCH introduced me to it. At first I didn’t like it, but DTeCH said to give it time which I did. Now I enjoy playing.
Lhamster: You keep answering my questions before i ask them! :P What are your ranks? What are your fave combos and what is the best part of the game in your opinions?
MizARee: My rank is general. My favorite combo is Freeze/Viking and Irbis and the best part is meeting people from all around the world and killing shafts lol.
Flipsquad: Sorry about that, I am a Marshal now.  I have many combos and would like to add some more.  It depends on the battle and map.  I like all aspects of the game, from the garage, to the maps, chat and game play.
Lhamster: Totally agree killing Shafts is a lot of fun! :P I remember Flip when you were trying to get to marshal before Frank (FrankDeGraer) become a full mod so you could be the first marshal mod. :P As you both said, you’re mods, what’s that like? Do you enjoy it?
MizARee: It’s a lot more work then I thought it would be. However I do enjoy being a mod.
Flipsquad: It feels like I can make a difference in the game.  Banning cheaters and hackers is the most I enjoy. Since I became a Forum mod, I also get in touch with some players one on one when they PM me about certain topic they posted.  I enjoy watching the chat and removing all profanity (most players are under 20).
Lhamster: You both do a great job, so thanks on behalf of all the tankers! Miz, you’ve been organising the Clan championship, how’s that going?
MizARee: It’s going good. We have 2 battles left to go (at the time of interview) before knowing who won. It’s getting real exciting now.
Lhamster: Yeah, I’m looking forward to those battles! Now the big news of course, is that you two just got married, how’s the first 2 weeks of marriage been?
MizARee: The tanki wedding was a lot of fun. Flip and I have been dating for 3 years now and I couldn’t ask for a better tanki husband. So I guess you can say the first 2 weeks have been wonderful.
Flipsquad: Well we have known each other for 4 years now and been dating for 3.  Everyone know us as GF and BF in Tanki, we just want to make the flunge and get lock down. :P
Lhamster: How did you guys first meet each other?
Flipsquad: I’ll let Miz answer that question.
MizARee: We met in another game called Mobsters on MySpace. We were in the same mob family. He of course was a higher rank then I was. I left MySpace to play mobsters on hi5 and made him come with. We have been together ever since.
Lhamster: I’m guessing Flip proposed, when and how did he/you do it?
MizARee: Flip will answer this one.
Lhamster: Ah, delegation, just like a married couple! :P
Flipsquad: We had been teased about when we will get married. (Tanki or IRL) so on Sept 12, 2012…Posted Image
(some time later) Sorry, I’m a guy and can’t remember date so I had to look for it. :P
MizARee: Lol
Lhamster: Haha! How did the actual wedding go?
MizARee: It went great. We had so much fun. I am glad it was able to be streamed since we had so many that wanted to come. There was a few “glitches” in the wedding but it wouldn’t be a true tanki wedding without lag and disconnects :)
Lhamster: Yeah, so true :P And finally, what do you enjoy most about being part of the English community on Tanki?
Flipsquad: I enjoy alot things on the English community even though we have other players who speak other languages.  I would like to join in clan wars but I’m not currently in a clan and most likely won’t join one anytime soon as my plate is full with mod work.
MizARee: That’s a good question but hard to answer. There is so much to like. If course I like the players who I chat and battle with. Server 2 has became my home away from home. It’s not hard to find some to chat with or battle with. Most everyone knows everyone there so can fill a map with a good group at any given time.
Lhamster: Cool, thanks for talking to me guys, you’re awesome!
Flipsquad: Thank you for doing this.
MizARee: Thank you lham it was fun :)

So there you have it! Watch out for more interviews soon!