YouTubers VS Developers
Hey Tankmen!Past and upcoming updates and many more Catch up on the latest developers news on this column as we give a round up of all that has just been and will be shortly. This column will be published weekly.

In our last update:

-The figures used for counting the release updates will be changed to simplify this process. As we as the last three updates were 1.108.0 ,  1.109.0 and 1.110.0 we have decided to lose the first 1 leaving it as 108.0, 109.0 and 110.0.

-As different tankmen use different computers to access the game of which most of them do not really know the best settings to put for there machines to have the maximum productivity, the Tanki Online game now automatically tunes the graphic settings for the game according to your computer’s productivity.

– There always was a pre-registration battle for new comers landing into the  Tanki Online game but in the 110.0 release this battle was cancelled a replaced with an interactive tutorial.


Still in the laboratory:

Everyone is waiting for the rebalance and to see what it will bring.  What the players will see after the rebalance is:

– a total of crystals refunded to their account

– guns, hulls and paints available for buying (the prices will remain almost if not the same as now depending on the rebalancing)

– one visual change to the firebird gun will be that just like the present freeze effect,  freezing the enemy even after it finishes firing. In the case of the firebird, the enemy will continue burning even after the gun has stopped firing.

The release date is not known yet as the rebalance is still underway.


In contests :

Here is one of the entries in the ongoing parkour contest.


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