Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th
Hello Tankmen!

Its that time of the week again when we catch up on the hottest topics at Tanki, summaried in this short video we call our news blog. Get informed, enjoy the entertaining tanki rhymes and win prizes in the mini youtube contest.

Catch up on this week’s hottest topics at Tanki Online, and some more Tanki rhymes, enjoy 


Tanki Online Photojabba
2 minutes of fame
wolf battles
Clan championship discussion
Wasp and Railgun Tournament Discussion

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You can watch the previous news blog here.

Download the Tanki rhymes ringtones here

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Lyrics to the rap:
Hokido pokido like the Ali Macokido, now listen carefido coz ama rock this only uno,
Now what the hack am a lyrical soldier,
I posses first degree artillery ahh,
So when I play the flute,
I freak like absolute,
Tearing my battle zone,
At tankionline.com,
I bomb atomically,
Get in your base,
Take your flag, right straight in your face,
Imove unstoppably,
You may try to chase,
But i’ll vanish without a trace,
Dropping mines all over the place,
Right ama travel around,
And squeeze a ricochet,
To your viking tank,
‘Til you scream am the best,
Formally i walk with,
Ork with and talk with,
Coz Tanki never forfeits,
Or quits.
Its Tanki babie… coming straight from Russia… you gon’ like us now.. HAHA
See you in the battle!