Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th
Tankmen!We are starting a new contest called the photojabba in the English community where we will see the creative tankmen once more getting away with loads of crystals. Here is a few details about the contest itself.

Photojabba contest, or sometimes photoshop contest, is an online game, in which a website or user of an Internet forum will post a starting image — usually a photograph — and ask others to manipulate the image using some kind of graphics editing software, such as PhotoshopCorel Photopaint, The GIMPPaint Shop ProPaint.NET or Microsoft Paint.

A large part of the humor in many of these contests involves the use of internet memes.

A similar contest was held in the Russian side of the forum with brilliant results. Here were the starting photos which had to be manipulated and modified in a funny way to win the contest:

And here were the winning entries:

A similar contest is to start in the english community soon! Follow the news and dont miss this amazing humorous contest….. Enjoy 🙂