Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th
Hello Tankmen!Its out and it’s interesting! Don’t miss the 13th video blog that brings you a summary of all this week’s hottest Tanki news and inside gossip from the developers.

Here is this week’s hottest topics at Tanki Online, gathered in one place just for you.

“Tankiada” competition
World cup
Wasp and Railgun Tournament
Wolf battles

All those who have Tanki Rhymes write them in this topic or read them out on video and post them here. The best ones will come out in the next video blogs and who knows what reward you might get.

“Hocus pocus like the Ali Macgogus
just listen carefully coz ama say this only once.
Tanki takes a little time to take your time and mind,
takes sometime to take your tank and let tanki blow your mind! 


See you in the battle!

You can download the tanki rhymes ringtone here.