Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th
Tankmen!Do you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest updates and occurrences in the game, without having to ask people in battle? Come over to the forums! Here, all the newest things are being talked about by players from all over the world!

Since the time it was started over two years ago, the English forum has grown enormously. When the game was first started, there was only a small Russian forum, with a couple English-speaking people trying to communicate here and there. Eventually, the game developers decided to give the Englishmen and women their own set of game servers and forum! The forum contained two sections: General discussion, and the Rules. As more and more people joined through the following months, a Clan section was made, for those enthusiastic tankers to team up with one another and win battles! Then, an Off-Topic portion was instituted, giving players a wider range of subjects to discuss, including music genres the like, and forum games!

To combat the growing number of cheaters in the game, the game creators also decided to incorporate a Complaints section into the community forum, so those who dare break the rules might be punished for their crimes! Any user can post the names of cheaters and rule-breakers in the Complaints forum, provided that they have enough proof to back their claim!

Since then, the efforts of many individuals have resulted in the addition of many other forums, such as the FAQ section, where newbies and veterans alike can learn the answers to all sorts of frequently asked questions. Also added is the Contest section, where tankmen can submit examples of their ingenuity and creativity in the hopes of getting crystals and real life awards, such as Tankionline T-shirts and mugs!

The most recent section to be introduced to the English community, however, is the Press! There, a hardworking team of reporters and designers create stories, investigate popular users for interviews, and make mini contests with crystal rewards! There is an extensive variety of articles to be found in every issue of the Newspaper. One can even find an article from an older issue in the Press’s archives!

Feel free to visit any of these forums, and post anything you want to! Just make sure that it is on-topic, and is not degrading. We are waiting for you!

General Section ~ Bugs, suggestion, ideas can be discussed here! (Also, game updates are stickied to the top!)

FAQ’s ~ For all your questions.

Press ~ For all the latest and greatest news!

Clans & Teams ~ Open dialogue with members of clans and teams, giving of demands for reception in a clan or a team, competition between clans and teams, creation of clans and teams.

Complaints ~ Punish the cheaters!

Off-Topic Discussion ~ Anything and everything belongs here!

Contests ~ Win some crystals to improve your tank!

Rules ~ Learn about what you can and cannot do in the game! (Also included is a list of all English staff members.)

Newspaper Archive ~ Find your favorite article from a previous issue!

Thanks to Jooe, who made the title image