Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th
Hello Tankmen!There is a new contest in the forum, called ‘Tanki Online: the best of ..” and it is all about using one of the guns in the best possible way. To take part, all you need to do is film yourself in action, using the gun you are best at. Then you have to upload it to Youtube and post it in the forum. This must be done during the contest dates, which are 15th June to the 16th of July.

As usual, there are two sets of prizes, the Developers choice and the Viewers choice. However, there is a great new feature in this contest, if you win the Developers choice, you get the opportunity to double the prize you get by playing the developers and beating them in a tanki battle. To win the viewers choice, you must have the most views on Youtube during the dates of the contest. This is far batter than having voting, as the last few times there has been a public vote, it has been biased, with people voting on more than one account, or people getting clans to vote for them. This still brings up concerns, with people repeatedly watching the videos, to make more views, perhaps the video with the most likes would be a better idea, you can only like a video once. However, we hope that people with go with the spirit of the game and be honest.

To have a chance of winning, your video must be clear, have good skill and tips and show a variety of maps and situations, not just one battle. Most importantly, you must show the gun being used to it’s full potential, after all, that is what the contest is about! There are also a few requirements for the video. It must not be longer than 5 mins, so the people watching it don’t fall asleep, your tanki account that you post the video on must be in the video, it must be uploaded to Youtube, with the following tags: Tanki Online, Tanki Online, tankionline.com,The Best of … , 2012 acknowledgement, The Best of … , 2012. If you want, you can speak on the video, but English subtitles would be good so everyone can understand it! And, like all contests, there should be no bad language, insults etc.

This contest is widely regarded as one of the best for a while and hopefully we can get a large number of entries! Good luck and happy tanking! You can read all the details and post your videos here


Massive thanks to WhiteKnight170 for the picture.