YouTubers VS Developers
Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd
Hello Tankmen!

We have all seen people with different avatars around the forum, but who are they and what jobs do they do? Most of you might already know but some new players would wonder so let’s take a look at these faces that we see day in day out.

Firstly, we have the Administrators, who help to run and develop Tanki. Their job can be anything from Community Manager, who look after the Russian and English Communities, to Head of  Technical Support or Key Specialist. These guys work at Tanki HQ in Perm, Russia, and put in many long days to enable you to play Tanki. So if you see them around, give them a ‘Thank you’!

Chat Administrators don’t work at Tanki HQ, and are players who have had special privileges granted to them by the Admins. They help to run the chat you see in Tanki, and choose new moderators, while managing the current moderators to make sure they do their job well and correctly. There is currently no English Chat Administrator, but there are 4 Russian and 1 German Chat Admins.

Forum Moderators are responsible for moderating the forum. They have been appointed by the Admins to moderate a certain section of the forum. As there aren’t that many areas of the English Forum, the Mods have moderator powers in all areas, but in the Russian forum, there is a team of Mods for each forum section. They have the power to remove and edit topics and posts, and ban those users who break the rules.

This is a special Moderator avatar, it is given to the Mods who moderate the Complaints section and attend to any reports of anyone disturbing the game process.

Chat Moderators do the same job as Forum Moderators, but on the in-game Tanki chat. Their powers include banning users, disconnecting users from the server and making games private. All chat Mods have powers on all 3 of the chats: Russian, English and German.

Consultants are appointed by the Administrators to help the community with any questions they have. Two new English Consultants have recently been appointed, they are SuperNick95 and Snyper22. So, if you have any questions, send them a Private Message!

Testers are given access to the Test server, and help test new ideas to find the bugs and glitches. The people with this avatar are the only ones granted access to the test server when the invite code is required, so don’t ask people for the code, it is pointless as you can’t get in.

Map Makers do what their title say, make maps. The people with this avatar have got a map into the game, so if you see one around, they may have made your favourite map!

Reporters write articles or design pictures for the Tanki Newspaper, which is published each month. They report on any interesting new developments in the game, interview members of the community, and comment on different aspects of the game.

These avatars were only temporary, the players only had them for a month.

This avatar was given out in the ‘Best of May’ contest. This was for the player who got the most Gold Boxes.

This special avatar was for the player who bought the most crystals during the ‘Best of May’ period.

This avatar was for a category that you had no control over, the number of Double Crystal Cards recieved during the Best of May competition

During the ‘Best of May’ Period, balloons appeared in the garage, and this avatar was given to the player who bought the most balloons.

This avatar was for the player who picked up the most crystal boxes in battle during the Best of May competition.

This was an avatar for the player who upgraded his garage the most during the Best of May competition.

This avatar was given to the player who had the most popular idea on feedback during the Best of May competition.