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Hello, fellow tankmen!
Have you ever thought to yourself while listening to radio, wouldn’t it be nicer if it was a Tanki radio. Tankmen have never stopped tuning into radio even if we did not have a tanki radio. Always accessible, radio reaches into the heart of communities with news, insight, entertainment, companionship and a soundtrack for life. Join us in the journey to start a tankmen radio.

Most of us like to listen to music while we play in Tanki online, so there is an idea to start a tankmen radio for tankmen by tankmen.

NB: This radio will not be in the game as it is only for the English community!

Requirements to the radio episode:
The episode should have a Dj introducing him/herself at the beginning of the session.
Every episode should start with this Tanki Online commercial.
The episode should not contain any explicit content (if any, it should be censored).
The episode should broadcast for not less than 30 minutes.

The best episodes will be published:
The most organised, entertaining, informative radios will be published on the main page of Tanki Online under “community”.
For every published episode, the Dj gets 500 – 1000 crystals depending on the effort put into it.

Themes to concentrate on, when making an episode. Choose one theme per episode:
Tanki Education – Dj should talk about important issues affecting our community.
Top chats – Dj should open a polling topic for a top 10 song list, for tankmen to determine the top 10 songs (Top 10 can be for old ,new , 80’s, 90’s, soundtracks e.t.c).
New stuff – Dj should play only the latest songs of the moment.
News – Dj should be a good speaker and should read written text about the issues at that particular time e.g. bugs, cheaters, holidays, discounts and e.t.c.

How to get started:
To broadcast one will need to register a free account here
Press broadcast and start an episode (name the episode according to the theme you have chosen).
NB: You do not need to download any software. All you need is an internet connection, computer, headphones and a microphone.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the dj console:

Get started, and post the link to your radio in the forum here.

Here is an example of an episode:

You can publish in your native language too 🙂