YouTubers VS Developers
Hi Tankmen!

They say the earliest bird catches the worm, that is what we saw happening today in the “Royal rumble” that has just started on Facebook. This is an open battle for all to enter and win great prizes.

Congratulations to the winners of the first “Royal rumble” battle that took place this afternoon where all participants entered through a link posted on our official Facebook page. The private battle was created on Dusseldorf DM, with supplies, 500 maximum kills, maximum of 40 players. The battle lasted for more than 4 hours and at the end we had our luck winners as shown in the screen shot below.

Apart from the battle reward, the first top 5 finishers got 1 000 crystals each.
So, until we meet again in the next “Royal rumble”, play in Tanki Online 🙂