Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th
For those who don’t know ARG – Alternate Reality Games, with interactive narrative game elements, using as a platform for the real world.In this case, it’s “the Quest” on the tankman day.

All quest elements were put together into one photo session:

All quest elements were put together into one photo session:

Today we want to show the past quest elements:

1. In most maps on the posters there was the QR code. This code could be translated as ?17141?. The numbers had to be changed into the word ?agada?, that is, of course, referring to a map meant Magadan / Magadan.

2.On the map of Magadan was a sound substrate (hum)  . It  added to the Morse code. This code gave us “58 52 00 — 57 35 00”. These are the coordinates of the town Gubakha, which is in the Perm region so this meant “go to the map Gubakha.

3. In the background maps have been added Gubakha bridges, i.e. had to go to the map Bridges / Bridges.

4. On the map Bridges was hidden the secret room. It was a picture on the wall. This picture was part of the  “top part” of the site.

5. In the top of the site one of the tank’s paint was changed. Noticing that it was possible to discern that it is the paint, “Carbon.”

6. In the description of colors “Carbon” in the garage was changed one word. The word “high” was changed to “upgraded # oh.” In this case, # oh – team chat.

7. Typing in the chat “#oh” appeared the following set of characters – «879.page# 5872″. This is a reference to the “post fix”  forum post. By adding this  “post fix” after
«Http://forum.tankionline.com/posts/list/» you went to forum post.

8. The forum post was from a player chriswu. It spoke of a map with bushes that grow in rows, where there is a railway line on one end of the map. In this map falls more crystals. Also on the card can be found the character code – v = EVEa6MVeqLo. This “post fix” links to video on youtube.
Actually the  video was a special comic surprise.  

Preparations of the YouTube video:

In the picture  Maxim Khusainov, Michael Esyutin and myself Bruce Lunga.