YouTubers VS Developers
 The 300 Tankmen battle team of 5 players and 2 substitutes has been randomly chosen from the 300 tankmen that applied.

Here is how the battle is going to take place. The battle is going to consist of 3 rounds of which if the same team wins the first 2 battles then thats it.

The duration of the battle will be 26 min of which during the first 5min there is going to be tanki online traditional team parade just like in any other sporting event. After which there will be 1 minute for the teams to run to their positions. Then at this point the battle will begin and last for 20 min. After the first round the teams will change sides and repeat the same 26 min process. After the second round if the scores are equal then there will be a third  and final round which will determine the winning team. Lets support our teams and lead them to victory! Good luck