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Tanki Online launched in Brazil!


You may have heard about the fact that we are launching Tanki Online in Brazil from our video on the Rio map.

The good news is that it has already happened!

The Brazilian version of the game is already available at www.tankionline.com.br.
Please note that BR Tanki exists as a separate game with its own database on different servers. Unfortunately, you cannot enter it with your existing account and will need to make a new one.

Finally, some information for our players from Portugal. It may appear that you are automatically redirected to the Brazilian version because of the language of your browser. If you want to continue playing on the English servers with your existing account, just switch the language to EN.

The Portuguese version is only for Brazilian players at the moment, but we will do our best to provide full multi-language access as soon as possible by introducing the unified cluster feature. This will most likely happen next year.

Stay tuned!

Kits Review #2

Kits are several goods combined into one, costing less than if you bought the same goods separately. It often allows you to buy items that are not unlocked yet, and Kits are never discounted as they already cost less than usual. In this series we’ll analyze all the kits. Last month, we reviewed the M1 kits. This second episode will analyze the Medium Tank M2 Kit, Heavy Tank M2 Kit, Hull Kit, Paint Kit M2.

“Medium Tank M2″ kit
Available from First Lieutenant to General
Price: 299 900 crystals
Items in the kit:
Hull: Viking M2
Turret: Thunder M2
Paints: Prodigi, Emerald, Sandstone
Supplies 50 each: First Aid, Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro, Mine

This kit contains some of the best paints and of the best M2 equipment in the game. It is really cheap too, and allows you to buy Prodigi at First Lieutenant instead of Marshal. Once you buy this kit, you’ll never have to worry about paints again.
Viking M2 is utterly amazing, as its stats are really close to the M3 stats.
Thunder M2 is very similar to Thunder M3 too,
All this makes Viking / Thunder / Emerald an amazing combo, Viking is a very versatile tank. It can perform well in any map as it is a medium hull, with a good speed and a decent health. It suits Thunder perfectly as Thunder has a good range and doesn’t need direct contact, thanks to the splash damage. If you buy it at First Lieutenant, you’ll mainly face Hornets and Vikings M1, and some Hornets M2. They won’t be much of a problem as Thunder M2 can kill them in 1 – 2 shots while using supplies or up to 4 shots when not using supplies. The only thing you need to be careful about is self-damage. Just be careful and don’t get too close to your opponents, use splash damage at your advantage!
Prodigi (46% Railgun, 22% Thunder, 15% Shaft, 5% Firebird) is an awesome paint – amazing protection against Railgun, good protection against Thunder and a bonus Shaft protection. Railgun M1 and M2 starts to be popular at Lieutenant ranks – they are not annoying with Prodigi.
Emerald (42% Thunder, 26% Twins, 10% Railgun) is more suitable for DMs as Thunder is more popular in it; and even if Twins is very uncommon now, the good protection against it obviously helps a lot when you face a Twins user. The low protection against Railgun is the little bonus that makes the difference between life and death.
Sandstone (20% Railgun, 15% Shaft, 14% Thunder, 5% Twins) is just useless as both Emerald and Prodigi have higher protections.
I’ve got a gameplay video for you guys, to show you how powerful Thunder is, how helpful Emerald is (notice that the Railgun protection made a great difference), how versatile Viking is.

“Heavy Tank M2″ kit
Available from Second Lieutenant to Major General
Price: 249 900 crystals
Items in the kit:
Hull: Mammoth M2
Turret: Ricochet M2
Paints: Inferno, Urban, Spark
Supplies 50 each: First Aid, Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro, Mine

Mammoth is a true fortress. When you unlock it at Second Lieutenant, you have about two or three times more health than most of your opponents! That, combined with the powerful Ricochet and Inferno, is nearly almighty.
Ricochet needs 4 or 5 plasma balls to kill most of your enemies. It has a great knock-back which slows down your enemies and messes up their aim, allowing you to survive longer. It is more suitable for DM battles as Mammoth is very slow and there are quite a lot of Freeze users at this rank, making Inferno helpful. In DMs you don’t have to move much, you just have to kill and to come through your duels. Mammoth’s health allows you to survive longer and thus to kill more enemies.
It can be good to use this kit in Control Point battles, even if they are rare, Mammoth/Ricochet can just sit on a point and defend it. In Capture The Flag battles, it can perform well at defending your flag or staying midfield.
Inferno (40% Freeze, 30% Firebird, 12% Twins) is definitely awesome. DMs are often filled with Freezes, and usually they team up on you, but they don’t understand that once someone wears Inferno, they can’t do anything to him except slowing him down, which is not a big deal as you don’t have to move much in DMs. Really, Inferno makes Freezes pathetic.
Urban (40% Twins, 20% Isida, 5% Ricochet and Firebird) is not very useful. Twins is not popular, and Isidas usually don’t join DMs. In team battles you usually have enough time to kill them before they reach you. And IF they do, the protection allows you to kill them easily
Spark (33% Ricochet, 15% Firebird, 10% Twins) is also useless. Ricochet is not popular, but if one day you meet someone with the same kit as you, you’ll always win against him with Spark. The Twins and Firebird protections are small but can make the difference. Most importantly, Spark is very handsome.
Here is a gameplay video showing how Ricochet can dominate DM battles.

“Hull Kit”
Available from Warrant Officer 5 to Lieutenant Colonel
Price: 199 900 crystals
Items in the kit:
Hulls: Hornet M2, Mammoth M2, Viking M2, Hunter M2
Supplies 170 each: First Aid, Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro, Mine

I already talked about Viking and Mammoth. Both are amazing hulls, Viking being more versatile and Mammoth being the ultimate DM tank.
Hornet and Hunter are lighter tanks.
Hornet is awesome, it has excellent speed while being very stable. The health is good enough to capture enemy flags without being killed and Hornet can do well in DMs too, as long as you use its speed to run away from short range weapons and heavy hulls.
Hunter is not quite a light hull but not a true medium hull. It is right between the two, for those who can’t decide between Viking and Hornet. It is very underestimated, while having truly great potential. It is probably unpopular because it shouldn’t be used like Viking – the extra speed should be used and you should keep moving with it.
Overall, the Hull kit gives enough hulls to cover any situations and play-styles, and it allows you to focus on weapons until at least Major General.

“Paint Kit M2″
Available from Second Lieutenant to Fieldmarshal
Price: 199 900 crystals.
Items in the kit:
Paints: Spark, Rustle, Prodigi
Supplies 150 each: First Aid, Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro, Mine

Prodigi and Spark have already been covered in Medium Tank M2 and Heavy tank M2 parts of the article. Prodigi is an excellent paint; Spark is beautiful but rather useless unless you play with Ricochets.
Rustle (32% Thunder, 20% Freeze, 10% Isida) is a great paint, especially after a few MUs. It provides you with good protection against Thunder and gives a chance to survive those famous from-behind attacks by Freezes.

M2 Kits Comparison

Which is the best kit? Is it worth it to save up for M2 kits? Which one should you buy? Should you get several kits?

The medium tank M2 kit seems to be the best kit. But it is also the most expensive of them all.
If you start saving up once you’ve got an M1 combo, you can get this kit around Captain or Major, and you’ll still be way better than your rank-mates. Viking/Thunder will be a long-lasting combo, and you’ll have all your time to focus on M3s or some more M2s.
The heavy tank M2 kit is cheaper, but Mammoth is less versatile and Ricochet is hard to handle for most players. You should buy it only if you feel like you are fond of Ricochet, as Mammoth can be bought earlier and cheaper in the Hull kit.
The hull kit is very interesting. At WO5 you can get amazing M2 hulls while your rank-mates are happy with their M1s! It covers all the situations and, most importantly, it is cheap. Yes, cheap, 200k crystals for 4 M2 hulls are nothing – and you can save even more if you didn’t buy the M1s and M0s. If you are not a buyer, you can decide to save up for it and you should be able to afford it around Second Lieutenant. Then, you’ll be safe about hulls and you’ll have plenty of time to focus on M2 weapons.
The paint kit is not so tempting to get. It costs 200k too, but only for three paints, which will affect your gameplay less than hulls or weapons. So, it is pretty much pointless to buy if you’ve bought the medium tank M2 kit, or if you only have M1s. However, if you are a confirmed Lieutenant Colonel with enough M2s, and you only need great paints, this kit is what you’re looking for. It costs about the same as Prodigi alone, and gives you 150 supplies each; as well as Rustle which is another great paint.
Overall, I’d say that if you are a young WO with a few M1s, you should totally start saving up for the hull kit or medium tank M2 kit, or even both.
If you already have a great M2 garage, and have enough time before the M3s you want, go for the paint kit.
If you already have M2 weapons but can’t choose a hull to buy, the hull kit is made for you.
If you are a Ricochet fan, and feel like you can handle Mammoth’s slowness, then you should like the heavy tank kit M2.
Everything is a matter of tastes. Do what you prefer, don’t buy things because “your friend told you it was soooo good”. This way you’ll always be satisfied.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this review on the M2 kits. Stay tuned, an article about M3 Kits is coming!

By Raphael2

Video of the Week

It’s time to name the best Video of the Week!

This week, once again, the 40 000 crystals prize goes to Sewegart and his video showing how to steal a gold box from a mighty Mammoth!

In the meantime, you can still make a cool action video and send it to video@tankionline.com! Remember, the video’s quality matters so does its originality.

Best videos of the next week will be announced next Tuesday! Waiting for your entries!

Clan Championship Superfinals

The Clan Championship has come to its end. After 4 rounds of truly intense combat, we are finally ready to officailly state it… NooBest is the best clan of Tanki Online! Every player that supported NooBest by buying their paint in the garage receives 3090 crystals. Congratulations to the mighty NooBest and their fans in all communities of the game!

And of course, if you’ve missed the battle and would like to see how it all happened, make sure you watch the recording on our cybersport channel!

Creating Textures for the New Tanki Online

In one of our latest videos about the development of the new Tanki Online on Unity, we shared with you the creative process involved in designing and building objects such as bridges, tunnels and houses, to breathe life into the new world of Tanki.
Texturing is an important part of this procedure. A texture is a graphical image applied to a surface or an object. It allows you to distinguish between a sandy road and an asphalt one, or between stone and metal. We are currently in the process of creating terrain textures. The Terrain is what makes up the map’s landscape: sand, rocks, pavement, grass and so on.

There are different ways of creating textures. You can take a picture of a real object or material and apply it as a texture within the game. While this method creates a very realistic and intricately detailed model, games seldom require such level of minute detail. This can actually be counter-productive as it creates “extra noise” on the screen. The image becomes overburdened with detail, which in turn makes it too difficult to absorb and enjoy.
For the new Tanki Online we will be using hand-drawn textures, created by our team of talented artists. This approach allows them to be selective on the details, focusing on what brings a texture to life, and doing away with what is unnecessary, distracting or cumbersome. The end result is a map rich in graphics that are soft and harmonious — a world perceived as a single canvas, rather than a mess of objects and textures that clash with one other.
This does not mean that the new Tanki will be any less detailed. Quite the contrary. Unity will allow us to push the level of detail to a much higher level than it in the current incarnation of the game.

This hand-drawn sand texture is a perfect example.
While it is intricately detailed, displaying volume and texture, it retains clarity by not being overburdened by unnecessary detail.


Some people have the misconception that “hand-drawn” means “cartoonish”. While this is not necessarily the case, we deliberately distance ourselves from realistic graphics. We do not need hyper-realistic tanks and objects, as experience has shown us that it detracts from the gameplay and often prevents players from enjoying a game’s full potential. Of course, we are still committed towards bringing you a game that is nothing less than visually stunning.
Also, at a technical level, hand-painted textures generally require less resources. They are less demanding of your GPU, so the game will load faster and consume less cache memory and hard drive space.

As we develop the game on Unity, we will be adopting the engine’s standard technologies, such as normal mapping, as well as implementing our own in-house developments.
Normal mapping technology uses pixel shaders. Adding a normal map to a default texture creates a sense of volume and complexity. At the same time, the texture remains easy to perceive, without overloading the scene or making it overly detailed. The texture is flat, but the interplay of colour and lighting makes it appear more vibrant and dimensional, resulting in a completely different feel.

The pic below shows the difference between a default texture (lower image) and the same texture with added normal map (upper image).


The new Tanki will feature an array of complex materials such as metal, glass, reflecting surfaces, wood, bark and water, none of which exist within the current environments due to technical limitations. With Unity, the use of these complex materials will become possible, and we intent to take full advantage of that feature.
As opposed to the current incarnation of the game, the new Tanki will automatically adjust texture resolution to achieve balance between performance and visuals. Low performance devices will feature simpler materials and reduced complexity in glare and normal maps. The goal is to provide our players with a game that runs smoothly on as many devices and hardware combinations as possible.

Creating textures for terrains is essentially the last step in texture creation. The majority of these are ready, but as mentioned on our video, our artists may need to create additional textures in the process of developing new objects. Of course, let’s not forget the actual tanks. We’ll soon be telling you more about the making of fearsome battle machines for the new Tanki. Stay tuned!

Rio – The Map Review

It’s on a totally different level. In fact, I dare say it puts all other maps to shame. And if you had to grade it on sheer stunning looks, even the strictest teacher would mark it an A*. The much-anticipated and completely revolutionary new map. It’s time to welcome to our battlefields the beauty… that we know as Rio.

Rio has taken the servers by storm ever since it’s release under a week ago. With nearly half of the battles on each and every server dedicated to this entrancing piece of art, I would class it as “Highly Unlikely” that any of you active players reading this will have failed to complete at least one battle over there. But despite the popularity this map has had in its earlier days, many players remain clueless on taking full advantage of a map that offers so much to a team. In this map review, I will be unpacking Rio from the start, running over its release, layout and gameplay in depth, before closing with some opinions on a map that surely will remain to be one of the most popular in Tanki for a while.

The Landscape of Rio

This, in effect, is quite honestly the one and only thing that really tells us how good a map is. Its layout. To be quite blunt, if a map isn’t constructed well, it isn’t good. And if isn’t good, no-one’s going to play it, are they? To really uncover the set-up of this map, we must first take a look at the birds eye picture taken below of Rio. Take a good look at it. You’d be surprised how much is there you haven’t noticed.


If I’m going to be honest here, when I saw that picture – I was extremely surprised. Extremely surprised. Playing the map for a few times, I had expected it to look a bit more wild. Looking at the picture above actually shows that Rio is very orderly. Simple, and effective. And with that, I think that can help us to uncover how Rio is set up. First things first, we must put down a list of the obvious facts about Rio.

Firstly, Rio is clearly not symmetrical. With the beach on one side of the map, and the town up on the other; this automatically creates a viewpoint where we can see different techniques that can be operated by different teams. This fact, though not crucial, is a very good asset to a map – it means that there’s lots to discover and different tactics for each side.

Secondly, quite obviously, Rio is pretty large. But don’t be fooled by its large, open appearance. Take a glance up at that picture and pick out the two flags. Pretty close together, huh? This layout gives a great diversity to the map – particularly in the CTF Mode. Large for the long-range, but Compact for the close-range!

And thirdly, we must note the walls down each of the ends of the map where my epic Photo-edited Spotlight fades away. Well, obviously, some of us Parkourers wanted to get behind them – but as soon as we found ourselves over, we self-destructed automatically! It was a painful experience, fair to say. Respawning in an unknown land. Anyway, that section, just so you know, was added for self-destructing because it would be too easy for Railguns and Shafts to snipe there untouched. Also, co-incidentally, the edges of the beach also Self-Destruct the tank so don’t go right to the edge! Probably a good warning for real life too… stay away from the sea!

Now, let’s take a look at the two sniper sides to the map, and then we’ll investigate the compact middle – what do these aspects add to the map? We’ll begin over on the sunny side of the map – joining the sunbathers on the beach. The interesting thing about it is its openness. Like, there’s not a thing on the beach. Perhaps aimed at making the map more natural – after all, who builds a building on the beach? But anyway, its open – which we can see is in total contrast to the opposite side.

Over on the other side is what looks like a sort of Brazillian favela (known to us as a sort of “shantytown”). The complete different angle on Rio; we now see the activity and cramped nature of the town life. That side is clearly particularly made for snipers – with the nice high level and decent amounts of cover. Intriguing, however, that the buildings we see are all behind the boundaries the tank can drive to – and so, really, its not all that stuffed. Its just a nice raised platform by the side of the map for the long-ranged guns to protect their base and snipe off enemy defenders.

Right, we’ve covered the two sides; now its time to take a quick look into the middle. Basic things first – clearly, the middle is formed of two different levels – up and down. It is also surrounded by a road encircling what looks to me like some sort of multi-story car park – which co-incidentally has a Drive-thru at some point down the side. It is rather eccentric, but the different routes inside the maze is very useful to learn. Unfortunately, this guide can’t tell you everything – you’ll have to look that stuff up yourself.

Now, the building itself is what most people class as the hub of Rio – but the road that runs around this mess of a building really has a key role to play in all sorts of Game Modes, but particularly CTF. This is often the ideal route to escape, with less enemies to encounter and less cramped. Particularly this is true with fast tanks. Anyway, I should really be saving my tactical strategies for the next section. But this road is often as busy as the building inside where the action is known to occur.

We’ve finished, haven’t we? No, wait! I’ve forgotten the most crucial part of the Landscape of Rio – thanks to FBI’s screenshot showing solely the props. If you ever feel like just admiring the game, join a Rio, and stare at the skybox. And dream you were just in the sun there, chilling. An effective, contrasting construction; a beautiful landscape – as we enter the section on gameplay, Rio is looking like some serious potential blockbuster of a map!

The Battleground of Rio

I’m probably gonna sound like some over-dramatic TV presenter by saying this, but to be quite honest, even though construction is crucial, it all eventually leads up to the point which everything balances upon – the gameplay. Tanki is a game, believe it or not, and maps are there to be played in – not admired from afar. So how does Rio work, and what’s best in Rio’s battleground?

Right, first we must go through the basic battle stats from Rio. Firstly, it offers room for 20 players. 10v10 in Team Battles, 20 max for DM. Secondly, it’s available in three game-modes – DM, TDM and of course CTF. Thirdly, and lastly, the map is only available in “Summer” Mode. Its obvious why – who would want to go to a Beach in the winter?

In this first section, I’m going to do an overview of the modes before giving some serious tactical advice. Firstly, what about DeathMatch? Suited in Rio? Well, DeathMatch is one of those modes, that to be honest, can be done anywhere. Its just mass-murder – hunt ‘em all. Rio is one of the better maps for DeathMatch – because of its awesome looks and its diverse size enabling all sorts of weapons to thrive. However, it can sometimes be rather pesky to play DeathMatch in a map that sometimes does lag for players and so it may not be ideal. All the same, DeathMatch is suitable for Rio. Not ideal, but suitable. I’d say one of the best combos in a Rio 20-player Supplies DeathMatch is probably either Twins or Thunder with a Medium Hull.

Team Death Match Mode is very commonly seen at the lower ranks, but rarely seen at the higher ranks – because of the fact that many high ranks prefer not to have such a dependency on the skill qualities of their team-mates and prefer not to have such an over-reliance on them for the result. All the same, its worth considering. How’s Rio in TDM Mode? I would say, rather poor. Unfortunately for Rio, the sniping sides unbalance TDM. This is because of the domination that snipers can have without dying – which is the name of the game in Team Death Match. And so, if you’re playing in TDM in Rio, the best combo would likely be something like Rail or Shaft with a Medium Hull for decent maneuverability and sufficient health.

Finally, undoubtedly the most popular mode in Tanki – we will dwell this final section on Capture the Flag and what Rio offers here. I would guess that almost all of you readers will have tried out a game in the different teams. I’m not going to give my reasons for why Rio is good at CTF ~ in my opinion, it just is. It’s one of those maps. It works. I’ve discussed why in the above section on the Landscape. The question I first want to ask is what team is really more effective here?

In fact, what I love about it is that it’s not clear cut one way at all. I created a poll on this topic here and surprisingly, at time of writing, my poll left it at a staggeringly close score of “16-15 votes in favour of Red. I personally differ from this opinion. Blue has the potential to be the better team and in the next couple of paragraphs I hope to explain why I believe Blue is greater than Red – particularly in a No Supplies Battle.

The thing is, Blue has the simpler routes to escape with the enemy flag, and though players might say Red can easily get the Blue enemy flag, there’s not much defence for the Reds if both flags are taken – and trust me, this is not a rare event in Rio. Another thing that doesn’t sit well with the Reds is their lack of defensive positions in comparison to the defence of the Blues. This is why using snipers for Reds can be crucial in creating a path for the flag-runners.

Another reason people bring up when explaining their reason for Red being better is the respawn points on Red, which are surprisingly “high up the playing field”. Though this can be useful, its not enough reason for me to be convinced that Red is better. A final thing that people bring up is the “thin entries” into the Red Base which can easily be mined up. This is a very valid view, and this is why I think its more clear-cut that Blue is greater in a NS game. However, there is still a fair way of entering the base untouched, and as mentioned before the defenders for Red never have that much cover, meaning their mines are often killed much quicker.

The Reaction to Rio

Of course, this article can only really state my opinion on this map. And as a result, I felt compelled to put in the reactions to this map from 7 members of the English Community, and asked them (politely, of course) to express their thoughts on Rio from their own personal perspective. Below, you can take a look at their reaction when asked to talk “All things Rio”…

Valletta – Rio is a constructively ingenious map in my opinion, as it is built so that there are no spots where one can just camp and be untouched. Rather, there are plenty of spots where a player can stay and have access to most of the map to shoot at, but he can also be easily taken down by a shot from somewhere else. Traversing the map is especially easy too. Mammoths and Titans may have a hard time, but any other tank, especially light tank, can move to different corners of the map in no time. The other day I was waiting for a gold box on top of the buildings, when it fell on the edge of the beach. I had no trouble getting down with my hornet and getting there in time. (See a picture of the epic catch here…) Rio resembles some rather large maps that can be traversed easily, like Esplanade, for example. A fun map indeed.

Who.Cares – As I played in the awesome, new released map Rio, I have realized that playing in blue side has a slightly greater advantage than red side. Blue side has more camping spots, which make it harder for enemy to take the flags, whereas red side has less camping spots. Unlike red side, there are more suitable places for defender to find a position in defend to save the flag. Blue side doesn’t just have advantage in defensive mode, but also in attack. There are more and easier routes to get to the red flag in groups and get a flag. The shortest and best way, in my opinion, would be the way that goes above the center buildings connects both flag bases. In an experiment, it was identified that the center way could save one third of the actual time to capture a flag. In conclusion, using the easier route, attacking in groups of 3 or 4 people would be a promising attack from blue side and keeping few campers and one or two main defenders can save the flag as well.

Remaine – It’s not as great as I thought it would be. I was genuinely disappointed with the outcome of the map. It’s not a map to have great “replay value” if you will. By that mean, it’s not a map I feel you can play again and again. I appreciate that the skybox and the beach have been placed to give it that Brazilian feeling, along with the favelas but they weren’t so successful with the favelas. Granted, there’s not much you can do but in all honestly, they just look like squares with windows stacked on top of each other posing as a supposed “favela”. And then there’s the gameplay, of which is not that great. Firstly, the map seems totally biased toward the red side. It feels like there’s a lot less distance when on the red team. But that’s just me. Also, the map doesn’t offer diversity really well. The average CTF consists of attackers running around the road easily capping time and time again – there’s not many unorthodox methods that’s on offer for you to me. Overall, I find that this map will lose its popularity in around a fortnight, just like what happened with Future. From what I’ve gathered, it’s an unpopular opinion but it’s my one.

DarkOperative – Rio map, known for its beauty. It is a good place to visit and seek what peace actually is. Just look at it’s scenery, a bunch of buildings at one side, then again a bunch of buildings in the middle, and a very distinct scenery at one side. That distinct scenery is what makes the map beautiful. You can just stay there and enjoy the scenery. You can observe the beautiful mountains at the sides; you can observe the beauty of the sea. You can have a lot of fun with your friends when parkouring with them, then you’ll realize what team work is. You can see the map’s perfection, you can see how distinctly it has been thought of. Observing the scenery from a higher level makes it even beautiful. You can make new friends in that map, even by parkouring. You can seek the true definition of beauty, peace and silence simply by visiting it. Once you leave the war zone and come towards the beach side, you’ll feel peaceful. You’ll feel great. You’ll feel safe. And you will feel calm and careless about some numbers. It is a great place for gameplay as well. You can defend properly with the help of barricades. You can attack properly due to the roads, short-cuts. You can even sit at one place and snipe easily as targets will be seen everywhere. You can place mines very effectively, as the map isn’t big enough, there are many thin roads that targets go through. Both of the team’s flags aren’t at a big distance which makes the game even interesting. Attacking both of the bases seems almost impossible but with a little planning, you can change the whole game. Rio map is a very distinct map as it is the only one with the most beautiful scenery. It is a map in which you can just stop and enjoy beauty.

monkeyburn – At first I had to feel my way around as did most people, but as the games progressed, I really found it to be a very dynamic map for it’s size. There’s a place for every turret and hull on the map, which I will not go into detail about. During game play, I kept thinking to myself “People who are not proficient in their combo’s will not like this map”. But for two full teams that really have their “stuff” together? Its “premo”. And besides, “Who doesn’t like a day at the beach after a long game?”

GoldRock – My opinions on Rio? Well, personally, it’s not a map I’m going to play very often. Though I think it’s a great showcase of some newer props, with notable features including the skybox and the way the map continues beyond areas of play, I don’t think the gameplay is that dynamic in terms of CTFs. In such a situation, like Future, the wide range of props seem to me to get in the way a bit, though it’s arguably pretty good as a DM map due to the more varied terrain. Will it become a classic? No, decidedly not – the map just doesn’t flow as well as the simple but effective Sandbox, nor is it strategic enough to earn a place amongst clan war maps like Kungur and Red Alert. Is it a step in the right direction? Definitely – it does have the advantage of being one of the best looking maps Tanki has seen, plus, as we all know, it has led to some great parkour. Maybe in the future, I’d love to see Rio’s new features (the props, extended edges and skybox) being applied to more dynamic maps.

Fjelstad1678 – I have played very little on Rio, so I really don’t know much about it in terms of gameplay, but I really do enjoy the map itself. However, just from exploring the map and playing on it once or twice, it seems to be a decently well balanced map. The new structures that they have included in the map, particularly the skyscraper that everyone is excited about, look terrific. I like how there appears to be some sort of military base on one side of the map, almost as if the map is a battle of a rebel force attacking a bunker. I really like how they made the beach almost completely blend in with the background as well. It really makes you feel as if the world that you are fighting on goes on forever. The one thing that doesn’t seem quite right about it is the barricades blocking off the outer edges of the map. They just seem rather out of place and specifically on the side with the large base looking structure, they seem to cut it off. All-in-all, I find Rio to be a interesting looking map and I look forward to having some great battles on it!

And there we have it. Some members helping us out with a few more words of advice and differing opinions on Rio. Clearly, some disagree with my opinion of the potential that this map has – but I think its a common consensus that there’s no doubt its seriously good-looking, and we can’t wait to see more of the same.

The Recap of Rio

We started with Release of Rio, we end with the Recap of Rio. Though perhaps not my best run at alliteration ever, R is a tough letter so give me a break. It’s time to end this rather packed Map Review. Rio, though perhaps not fulfilling the tactical nous of some of the more prominent Clan War Maps, methinks has gone and struck gold. A map of epic proportions – hopefully, after reading all this stuff, you’ve taken at least one or two things home to help you on your mission to discover this awesome map. It always seems to be with an essay, that your opening words sum it up everything as well as you could possibly do at the ending, and so let’s close exactly where we started off.

“It’s on a totally different level. In fact, I dare say it puts all other maps to shame. And if you had to grade it on sheer stunning looks, even the strictest teacher would mark it an A*. The much-anticipated and completely revolutionary new map. It’s time to welcome to our battlefields the beauty… that we know as Rio.”

By Hogree

Results of Miss TO

Dear players!

The voting among developers at AlternativaPlatform is over and we’ve already counted your votes in Tankers’ Choice nomination. It means that we are finally ready to name the best entries of Miss TO contest.

Top 3 contestants in the Developers’ Choice nomination are:


1 place and the title of Miss TO 2014: MALINKA_555
Prizes: 150 000 crystals, 400 of each supply, T-shirt and mug with the game’s logo and Apple iPod touch 5G.


2 place: aliska2009
Prizes: 100 000 crystals, 200 of each supply, T-shirt and mug with the game’s logo and Apple iPod nano 7G.


3 place: Mis.3Jl0
Prizes: 80 000 crystals, 100 of each supply, T-shirt and mug with the game’s logo and Apple iPod shuffle 4G.



And here are the best entries of the English community according to the voting in Tankers’ Choice category:


1 place: SSister
Prizes: 80 000 crystals, 100 of each supply and T-shirt and mug with the game’s logo.


2 place: Gabri6
Prizes: 50 000 crystals, 60 of each supply and T-shirt and mug with the game’s logo.


3 place: hesham2564
Prizes: 30 000 crystals, 30 of each supply and T-shirt and mug with the game’s logo.


Also, triptotan receives 30 000 crystals as a consolation prize.


Thank you for taking part and helping us in choosing the best entries!
Play Tanki Online and take part in contests!

Best Helpers of March

Years pass. Seasons come and go. Only one thing remains the same — people that do their best to support the game, constantly improve it and make your life in Tanki Online better and easier. Here they are… the best helpers of March!

Best Chat Moderators:


Best Forum Moderators:


Best Consultants:


Best Reporters:


Best Cybersport Staff:


The Rio’s skyscraper is conquered!


We are pleasantly surprised. No, we are shocked! You needed just about a day to get on the top of the Rio’s skyscraper (which is the tallest building in the game by the way).

Three different teams managed to climb the Everest of Tanki Online in about the same time.

Guys from the German community were the first:

Well done! As promised, the DE parkour team gets 1 million crystals.

Just an hour later, we received an email from the famous ToT, the official Tanki Online Tutorials team.

Decent video! The ТоТ team gets 300 000 crystals as a consolation prize.

Finally, another parkour team called Flying Tanks. They were the first to send us a video but unfortunately the video doesn’t clearly show whether the tank landed on the skyscraper’s roof or not.

Flying Tanks also receive 300 000 for their efforts and quickness. Good job!

That’s it. The contest is over. Thank you for taking part, everyone!

Update 245 — automatic problem detection

Dear players!

Today we’ve released Update 245 which includes the system of automatic detection of performance problems.
From now on, in case you have low FPS or high ping, you will be automatically getting a special message containing an instruction on how to solve the issue.
The notification will pop up after you leave the battle.

Besides, a ping indicator has been added to the game.
All indicators, including the new one, will now change their color depending on the parameter value.

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