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Changes in kits

Tankers! We’ve updated the product kits. 4 of them have been removed from the game and replaced with 5 new ones. You can find more information about the kits in your garage or in the forum.

Tankiada is over!

Tankiada 2014 has come to its end. The CTF tournament is over. According to its results, the best team is from our community! Names of the winners can be found in the forum. Also, if you’ve missed all the action, don’t forget to watch the recording of the Tankiada’s final battle at our cybersport channel.

Commentator Contest

Tankers! We are starting a new contest for those of you who are fond of cybersport and live streams of battles. Win loads of crystals and get a chance to become a cybersport commentator! More information can be found in the forum.

TO Newspaper: Issue 20

Issue 20 of the official Tanki Online newspaper is out! Time flies, doesn’t it? Tons of stories, an article about Valentine’s Day, a contest dedicated to romantic poetry and many more! Make sure you check it all out.

Rusty Barrels superfinals
The Battle of Rusty Barrels is over. Who was stronger, developers or players? All the information can be found in our forum. And of course, if you’ve missed the super-finals, make sure you watch the recording of the battle at our cybersport channel.
Update 220 — Reworked Maps and Madness
Updated maps are finally ready! Alongside with loads of changes, Madness is also back! Try the reworked maps and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the forum.
Rusty Barrels draw
The epic fight between developers and players is getting closer and closer! We are finally ready to announce names of players who will take part in the Battle of Rusty Barrels on January 31. Go to the forum for more information.
Guides contest
A new contest has just started. You need to shoot a video guide about Tanki Online in one of 4 categories. As usual, more information can be found in the forum.
Where Have I Seen That?
Dear players! Crystals have just been sent to all the participants of the contest who submitted correct entries. Go to the forum for more information.
“Come to Light!” is over
One of the most interesting mini-contests of the season has just ended. As usual, names of winners can be found on our Facebook page.

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