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Tanki Online Wiki
Dear players! Now you can easily find all the information about Tanki Online in one place. Welcome to Tanki Online Wiki! Join the discussion in the forum.
New maps!
Three new maps based on third prop library have been added to the game! They are called “Future”, “Factory” and “Platform”. Share your impressions in the forum.
Masters of Parkour contest is over!
Dear players! Masters of Parkour contest has come to its end. We are happy to announce names of the winners. Congratulations to them! You can find more information on the results as well as top 3 videos in the forum.
Friends System!
Making new friends in Tanki Online as well as communicating with the old ones is a lot easier now. More information in the forum.
Level designer contest is over!
Dear players! Looking for a Level Designer contest is over. We have names of the winners! More information in the forum.
Lucky 7 tournament is over!
Dear players! The Lucky 7 clan tournament is over. The winner is The Shield of Fire. As it was promised, each of 12 participants gets a unique paint with 15% protection from all turrets. Congratulations!
Update 161
Today we are extending battle creation rank limits for several ranks. More information in the forum.
Convenient card payments
Dear players!
We have simplified the payment for crystals via credit cards through Xsolla. Now you can save your card’s information. After that the only thing you will need to enter during next purchase is your CVV2/CVC2 code. You can discuss this change in the forum.
Victory in Europe Day
Dear players! To celebrate Victory in Europe Day, the value of gold box has been trebled. 3000 gold box will be in the game until May 15. More information in the forum.
“Gold box” modification
Update 148. Now you can always know that Gold Box will soon appear. As for the box itself, now it is dropped in different points! More information in the forum.

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