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Update 204
Update 204 is out! We’ve received a lot of feedback on the feature that lets you invite your friends to battles and improved it using your ideas and suggestions. Check the forum for more information.
Issues with Google Chrome
After the last update of Chrome, those of you who use the browser for playing Tanki Online may experience drops in FPS and problems with hardware acceleration. Go to the forum to learn how to solve it.
15 Seconds of Fame
We’re back with the New Year’s greetings contest. Make a video, have an awesome time and win an iPad! Check the forum for more info.
Best helpers of November
It’s time to announce those who have made the most significant contribution to the development of the project in November. The game must know its heroes! The list of best helpers of the month is already in the forum.
Improvements in graphics
Update 200 is out! Light effects from shots and explosions, better performance on slower computers and other goodies. More information can be found in the forum.
How to become a helper
A new section of the forum for those who want to become helpers of the game has just been created. It contains all necessary information on how to join the staff. Read it, leave an application and perhaps you will become a member of staff!
TO newspaper — Issue 18
Issue 18 of the official Tanki Online newspaper is finally out! Winter is coming and we all know that there is nothing better to do in cold weather than reading latest articles from our reporters. As usual, all of them are in the forum.
New Year is coming!
It’s time to get ready for winter holidays! You will need to perform a few simple tasks to get double funds for two weeks. More information can be found in the forum.
Invite friends to battles!
Update 196 is out! Now inviting friends to battles is dead easy. More information in the forum.
Lucky 7 finals! Vengeance VS Noob Army
Which clan of our community is the strongest? Who got the unique Lucky 7 paint, tons of crystals and, more importantly, earned respect and recognition? You can find answers to these questions by watching the recording of the Lucky 7 finals battle between Vengeance and Noob Army. As usual, the event can be found on our cybersport channel! Go there and see how it was!

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