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“Come to Light!” is over
One of the most interesting mini-contests of the season has just ended. As usual, names of winners can be found on our Facebook page.
Battle with developers!
The time has come for developers to face players in battle. One of the most interesting and unpredictable events of the season is coming. Its name is the Battle of Rusty Barrels. Go to the forum for more information.
Best Helpers of 2013!
It’s time to sum up the year that passed and honor the best. During the whole year they were spending loads of time and effort bringing the game closer and closer to perfection. They are best helpers of 2013. Go to the forum to find the full list of them.
Photoshop Contest
A new contest has just started in Tanki Online. Make a funny picture and win one of three cool gaming gadgets. More information can be found in the forum.
Come to light!
Gather all your friends, make a real light show on the Happy New Year map and win loads of crystals! More information on our Facebook page.
Best helpers of December
The time has come to announce the best of the best, main helpers of the game in December. As usual, all of them can be found in the forum.
TO Newspaper: Issue 19
Issue 19 of the official Tanki Online newspaper is out! More reviews, guides, stories, interviews and contests. You definitely need to check it out in the forum.
15 Seconds of Fame is over
Greetings, tankers! The last contest of 2013 is over. The time has come to announce best New Year greetings to Tanki Online.
The list of winners and players that have received consolation prizes can be found in the forum.
Season’s Greetings from Tanki Online
Christmas is here, New Year’s Day is coming. It’s that time of year when we all gather around our families, friends and meaningful people in our lives. Here at Tanki we believe that you are our best friends. And beyond doubt, you are our family. Here is a short video we’ve made for you.
Christmas and New Year in TO
Make sure you check out the plan of all the events for Christmas and New Year that we’ve prepared for you. Moreover, don’t miss the chance to take part in the “Decorate a Christmas Tree” contest! Season’s greetings, tankers, and stay safe!

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