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TO Insider Series: Interview with Archangel


If you’re part of the Tanki Community, then you’re probably familiar with the name “Archangel”. He has written guides and walkthroughs, posted hints, tips and advice in the forums, and shot some of the most amazing videos about Tanki parkour.

So now it’s time to meet the guy. Find out the story behind his nickname, his passions, and his love for Tanki and our amazing community.

Please introduce yourself and tell us all about your role in the game.
Hey guys, I’m Archangel, but most players just call me Archy. I used to have another nickname before, but not many players know me by it.

I’m currently a Reporter and Forum Moderator, although I’ve also been a Consultant and Facebook Mod in the past. But what I am best known for is my videos. I like to make Tanki-related videos about anything, including rank-ups, gameplay, records, and most importantly parkour! I’ve been making these together with the Flying Parkourists team for quite some time now. Many of my videos have been published on Tanki’s official Facebook page; something I’m super proud of and thankful for.

How long have you been with Tanki and how did you find out about this game in the first place?
The first time I discovered the game must have been mid-2012 when I was 19. My best friend mentioned it to me, so I checked it out. I didn’t find it particularly interesting at the time, and half a year later I was still only a Sergeant. In June 2013 I discovered some fun friends, and we started playing together very frequently, eventually forming a team. This really pulled me into the game, and all of a sudden it became super interesting and exciting!

Creating my first and only team “Archangels” really opened up new horizons in the game for me, and joining the Staff ranks showed me just how massive the social world of Tanki is. And even though I don’t play much anymore, I’m still a loyal and fully active member of the community.

What is the most important thing for you in Tanki?
Most definitely the community. It is the community that pulled me into the game, kept me here all this time, and keeps giving me the energy and courage to go on. So many people united by a common interest and common goals; it’s just amazing! It is so vast, full of all kinds of different people with different characters and different personalities. I get a thrill from meeting new people, from having deep meaningful discussions with them, or from just hanging out and having a good time.

For the most part, players are slightly out of my age group, but I have met a good number of peers in the game, which has been awesome.

The community is the reason for all my major accomplishments in Tanki, from creating my own team (even though it is long gone), to joining the Staff ranks to find more ways to contribute; from creating my YouTube channel, to creating numerous useful forum topics which are active to this day. I spend many hours every day on my Tanki-related tasks and videos to make sure the community gets the best quality and value out of them, and I enjoy every minute of it even though it’s hard work at times!

How did you choose your nickname? Does it have a particular meaning?
My original nickname was rather strange and hard to remember, and it wasn’t long before I decided I needed a new one. I’m not sure how I got to the name Archangel, but I do know why. To me it signifies many different things – strength, power, courage, magnificence, but also goodness, kindness and beauty. These are qualities I think are important in real life too, and I felt they should be reflected in my name.

Do you have any preferences in terms of turrets, hulls or maps?
Before the Rebalance I used to play on Wasp and Twins M3 a lot. The physics were quite different back then, and it wasn’t nearly as crazy as trying to play with that combo now. When I started getting more involved in the game, I switched to Railgun, understanding that it is the turret with the most potential. With it of course came it’s greatest companion, the Hornet.

I’m a huge fan of XP, on any map, although I can’t play for the life of me. Occasionally I am at the top of my team in terms of score, but 99% of the time my D/L is under 1. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I prefer spending my time on the forum rather than in the game.

So as an XPer you will often find me on server 1, in Sandbox, Bridges or Barda, though I eagerly enter XP battles on less popular maps, like Hill or Zone.

Occasionally I get bored of XPing, and go use my supplies instead. I equip my most recently acquired items, Mammoth and Twins, enter an active CTF or DM battle and start blasting the stars out of everybody.

Why is Tanki important for you?
Throughout my Tanki career I’ve learned so many things, I am often surprised when looking back. And I don’t just mean gaming-wise, but important life lessons, character traits and even useful skills for any future career I might choose.

I’ve learned how to balance multiple jobs, to manage other people, to delegate, to sort my priorities; all skills I developed through my work at Tanki. Even seemingly insignificant things like learning to write a story, basic 3D modelling or video editing eventually add up to some impressive upgrades in my skills.

Many tankers have also become my personal fans because of my art, music or other reasons altogether. I’m super honored to have my own little following, and I try my best to keep them updated, posting new interesting things for them to see as often as I can. Some of these tankers have also become my students or so-called apprentices. I’ve taught many tankers how to add a shadow to their tank in photoshop, or how to rotate their turret. Some I’ve even taught guitar. Maybe my next student is among the people reading this interview… who knows?

What are you doing in real life, apart from playing Tanki Online?
I’m a full-time volunteer in a third-world Balkan country, and have been for a large part of my life. I mostly work with underprivileged children – orphans, mentally-disabled, terminally ill, or simply children from poor families. And I love my work!

In my free time, aside from Tanki, there are so many things I love doing that it’s impossible to give a full list, but I will try to share at least a few. I love photography – landscape, street, still life, portrait, events, whatever; I love it all! I love to draw, sketch, paint, illustrate, design and all that stuff — the more, the better. I do some web design on the side, but it’s not among my favorite pastimes as it’s very technical and leaves little room for creativity or imagination. I love to sing, and can play most musical instruments, although I’m best at piano and guitar. I have recorded some instrumental and vocal covers, and plan to make many more in the future. I also like to cook. The daily normal stuff gets boring of course, but I really love national cuisines from far-away countries like Italy, Thailand, Mexico or India. I’m not a big fan of team sports, and tend to stick to things like rollerblading and snowboarding when the conditions are right. It’s awesome fun; you guys should try it if you haven’t yet.

Anything you want to say to the community?
Keep on being awesome! Keep on supporting each other, striving to reach your goals, in-game and otherwise. I believe the future of Tanki is a bright one, let’s all be there to see it!

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Tanki Online Newspaper 26 is out!


Issue 26 of the TO Newspaper has hit your virtual bookshelf. This issue includes your customary menu of fun and interesting articles, games, contests, trivia and interviews.

If you’re feeling fatigued from a marathon session in Tanki Online, the TO newspaper makes for some light entertainment. Check it out now in the forum.

Rusty Barrels are over!

The Battle of Rusty Barrels is over!

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Best Helpers of August

August means holidays for most… but not for our special team of Tanki Online Helpers! They’re always there, engaged in the community, having fun, but attentive and ready to lend a helping hand, making the game better for everyone. We owe them a lot. Here are the names of the best helpers for the month of August.

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Best forum moderators:


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Best testers:


Best Wiki editors:


Best VK moderators:


Best Feedback moderators:


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TO Insider Series: Meet Simone from the Helpers Team


We’ve told you time and time again how Tanki Online owes a big chunk of its success to our Helpers Team. For this issue of the TO Insider Series, we’d like you to meet one of the top guys in this team. His name is Simone, and he’s about to tell you all about how his passion for helping people has found a fulfilling outlet in this game we love so much.

But Simone takes his passion a lot further than you’d expect. Find out more in the interview below.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in the game.
Hello everyone, I’m Issho Fujitora, also known as BarbaFenner89, but in Tanki Online I’m simply ‘Simone’. I’m a voluntary Consultant and Facebook Moderators Administrator, as well as a Chat and Forum Moderator. Nice to meet you all!

How long have you been with Tanki? How did you find out about it in the first place?
I still remember the first day I discovered Tanki. It was a boring afternoon and I’d been playing some random PC game or other. I decided to roam the net in search of something new; an “online challenge” if you will.

A friend suggested Tanki Online, so I decided to give it a go. It had an old style interface at the time, and it was a bit hard to find the proper way to play and win due to the high level of skill of the players I was competing against. But I immediately found it challenging and realized this was something I could really sink my teeth into. Since then I’ve never looked back! I’ve now been playing Tanki Online since early 2011, and this year I have celebrated my 3rd ‘In-Game Birthday’.

In your opinion , what is the best thing about Tanki?
Variety – this single, simple keyword encapsulates everything that’s amazing about this game.
There are so many different combinations of hulls, turrets and paint jobs, and a huge variety of maps and battle strategies depending on the game mode. Even the community itself is composed of a huge number of users, all having a unique and amazing personality! If you’re up for meeting new people, Tanki is an awesome place for that!

How did you choose your nickname? Does it have a specific meaning?
My nickname was chosen carefully after thinking about an ideal I share with one of my favourite characters from the Manga/Anime show, ‘One Piece’. The character in question is ‘Issho Fujitora’, the Admiral of the Marines. He is blind, but considers his blindness a gift: “In this world, there are many horrible things that you do not want to see.”

I completely agree with this quote. His words carry meaning and weight for me in terms of the game, and also in real life. My mission in both is to oppose violators and protect players from the ‘horrible things’ that could harm them. This philosophy has also led me to become a volunteer for Civil Protection, an organization that assists people during natural events and disasters.

How did you manage to become a helper for Tanki Online?
It was a long journey, and I still remember every step.

I applied for the post of Advertising Agent for a Tanki Online esports project in May 2012. After some weeks of hard work and commitment, I was asked to become the Agents’ Admin because of my efficiency and ability to organise and setup my work, day by day.

After the direction of Tanki Online esports changed in the middle of July 2012, I applied to become a Consultant, and at the end of August I was promoted to Full Consultant. In April 2013, after celebrating my 18th Birthday, I applied to become a Forum Moderator, and was accepted. During the period between September and December 2013, I had a bit of a break to organize my life around university. I returned to Tanki at the beginning of January 2014.

During May 2014, I was unexpectedly contacted by Semyon. He asked me whether I would be interested in becoming an Administrator for the EN Community. The rest of my story is here to be witnessed everyday :)

Have you ever come across any funny or weird things while working as a member of the game helpers team? Do you get positive feedback on your work and the help you provide tankers with?
I often receive suggestions and feedback from players related to how I (and other staff members in general) should interact with the community. Many users prefer a formal and direct dialogue, while others like an informal and friendly conversation. With all the information we’ve gathered, we’ve formed a communications strategy that we hope will make everyone feel welcome.

During my years with Tanki, I’ve seen many funny and weird things – photos, videos, gifs, or even quotes and long heated arguments! It’s a daily thing when you’re on the front line, dealing with fans; you never know what you’re going to come across next!

Why is Tanki important to you?
Tanki is a huge community that gives all those involved a great opportunity to meet new friends, and challenge fellow players to epically fun online battles. It’s a place where you can share your spare time with other likeminded users whom you would never normally meet in real life. That can be a wonderful thing!

Tanki is important to me because of the life lessons I’ve learned by being involved in this community, and also because of all my fantastic colleagues – FRIENDS – that I’ve gotten to work with for so many years!

What do you do outside of the game? Do you have other hobbies?
I’m currently a 2nd year Chemistry student at University. I also work as a Chemistry Laboratory Teacher for children between the ages of 5 and 17. During summer, I’m a Lifeguard (been one for more than 3 years now) and when disaster strikes, I volunteer in the Civil Protection Service.

In my spare time and/or during my vacation, I love going on trips to the mountains. I live close to the foot of the Alps, so they’re not far for me to visit. During the winter I go skiing there as well, but I plan on switching to snowboarding next season as it sounds more challenging! I also love walking, and experiencing nature all around me.

Something you’d like to say to the community?
Enjoy your lives! Don’t let other people get you down, ever. If you’re open minded, and willing to study and learn new things, don’t listen to those who tell you to do the opposite; they are the ones who are wrong, not you!

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