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Now: Special bonus when buying crystals


The holiday season is here. It’s time for celebration and sharing gifts, and our first one to you is a special bonus on crystal purchases!

This weekend, any crystals purchased using any payment method, will receive bonus crystals equal to the amount of crystals purchased. For example a purchase of 1000, will be gifted an additional 1000, for a total of 2000 crystals! A Double Crystal Card makes it a total of 3000! And since we can’t have a New Year in Tanki without discounts, those extra crystals are sure to come in handy!

This New Year bonus is on on from 2 am UTC on December 20 till 2 am UTC on December 22.

New turret already in the game!


Our game now has its own shotgun! Hammer is already on the main servers!

Hammer is a short-range turret that deals massive damage up close. Essentially a shotgun, Hammer is capable of damaging several opponents with one shot at medium ranges. The damage each target receives, depends on the number of pellets hitting it.

Hammer fires at a rate similar to Smoky’s, but it must reload after three shots. Reloading takes about the same time as Railgun.

Protection from Hammer will soon be added to several existing paints. Additionally, we’ll be introducing new paints aimed primarily at protecting your tank from the Hammer’s damage.

We have also improved the auto-aim mechanism for all turrets in the game. Now your gun can aim not just at a tank’s hull, but at its turret as well. Hitting an opponent’s turret can flip him over or knock off his aim considerably.

If you’ve been looking for a new challenge, or a new experience in Tanki Online, you might want to try out Hammer. This new turret, together with the improved auto-aim feature, brings lots of fresh, new gameplay for you to experiment with. Check them out in the arena, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the forum.

More updates to the battle list


Since the release of the updated battle list, we’ve received a lot of suggestions from you. Our developers have analyzed them and are rolling out two small but useful changes to the battle list.

  • Battle mode filters are back. You can find them at the usual place — below the battle list.
  • Battle info in the list has been changed. Now, it combines the functionality of the updated version with the traditional layout, including the pre-update abbreviations for battle modes.

On a final note, we’ll soon be implementing support for format battles as an experimental feature in PRO battles. At first, we will be supporting the most popular formats, which are Hornet and Railgun, Wasp and Railgun, and Parkour. Depending on the popularity of the feature, and a number of other criteria, we’ll decide whether we should continue to develop it.

We’ll keep you updated!

The Updated Battle List is live!

Hello tankers!

The updated and improved battle list is already in the game. The changes made are largely based on your feedback. Battles are now sorted in a more logical way, while important info on each battle is readily available without any extra clicks.

We have also decreased the range of ranks for low and middle rank battles and made several changes to the way PRO battle pass works.

You can find more info on the update below.

  • Battle info will now include battle mode, map name, battle duration, and time left till the end of the round. All the info is now in the same place.
  • Battles are now grouped by battle mode, then sorted by duration. You will only see battles available at your rank. Those with open spots will be highlighted. If you have a PRO battle pass, PRO battles will be at the very top of your list.
  • Private battle creation, and PRO-battles access, are now exclusively PRO battle pass features. This solution keeps the customizability for hardcore tankers, while keeping the accessible, arcade feel for gamers who only want to play for fun.
  • We have removed custom battle names as these were often distracting and misleading, and sometimes even contained inappropriate language.
  • We have narrowed the rank limits in battles for tankers of lower and middle ranks. Now they will face opponents of their same weight category more often.

Now, it’s time to jump right into the game and check out the new features for yourselves. Make sure you come back to share your feedback with us in the forum and via the poll. Have fun Tankers!

Masters of Parkour: Winners!


The Masters of Parkour contest has been a wild ride. Our competitors have definitely proven once and for all that they’re one crazy bunch.

Now, it’s time to name the champions of insane stunts. Here they are — the Masters of Parkour!







Each team has been rewarded with 200,000 crystals. Additionally, from this Friday, each member gets to keep the Parkour Master paint till the next Masters of Parkour contest. The paint is boosted with 30% protections against Railgun and mines, and is the mark of a true Parkour Master.

A huge well done to our aces. They have definitely earned it. If you want to knock them off the throne, you need to start practicing right now for the next contest. In the meantime, watch the winning entries again for inspiration!

Night Mode for maps and Shaft’s laser scope

Tankers! Our game keeps evolving. Today marks the release of two, new, exciting updates. Let’s look into them in more detail!

Laser scope for Shaft

Before this update, Shafts used to be very challenging opponents, to the extent that some tankers found them frustrating to deal with. This was mainly because an instant kill from a Shaft was impossible to predict.

However, Shaft is a turret that is totally unique in terms of gameplay. Because of that, we want to keep it in Tanki. Of course, we also want tankers to have a fair shot at defending themselves from Shaft’s sniping attacks and dealing with it effectively.

Our solution is the laser scope. From now on, while in sniping mode, Shaft will project a laser beam visible to everyone in the arena. This will make Shaft attacks more predictable, and will add a new tactical dimension to the game, both for Shaft users and their opponents. You’ll be able to spot enemy snipers more easily and use alternative routes to get close enough to deal with them. On the other hand, one or several Shafts controlling a narrow pass, will discourage anyone from trying to break through.

We have also removed the shake from Shaft’s scope view, making long-range precision kills easier and deadlier. Whether you are a Shaft user yourself, or a tanker trying sneak past enemy snipers, this update is definitely worth checking out.

Night mode for maps

If you’re looking for a new way to experience Tanki Online, you’re going to love the new Night Mode. The darker sky and textures, as well as the illuminated drop boxes and flags, will not only make the experience more immersive, but also add a whole new tactical element. While an illuminated flag will be easier to locate, it will also make your position a lot more evident while carrying it, making you an easier target to spot.

For now, Night Mode is exclusively available on Rio, Sandbox, Barda, Kungur, Polygon, Silence, Stadium and Future. Eventually, if the feature proves to be popular, we might choose to make it available on all maps.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new updates. Make sure you give us your feedback; it will help continue to improve the game, making it more fun and engaging for you.

Issue 29 of the TO Newspaper


It’s time to give those engines a rest. Park your tank, light up a fire, settle down in your favorite armchair and get ready to enjoy issue 26 of the Tanki Online newspaper.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Article: 5 techniques to win a duel
  • Guide: The ultimate guide to Smoky
  • Interview: Clan Leaders’ opinions on StarLadder

And of course, don’t miss out on the games and other fun stuff that’s packed in this issue. Check it out here.

Improving the game!


Over the past week, you have been actively taking part in an experiment. This is the first time you’ve been able to determine the future of Tanki to such an extent. Thanks to you, we’ve made the final decision: crystals will no longer drop in battles. Of course, there is always room for improvement. Largely based on your opinions and suggestions, we have just rolled out a whole bunch of updates. Let’s have a closer look at each of them!

Changes in battle fund distribution
After the decision to send crystals directly to the battle fund, some tankers started finding it harder to earn crystals. These were usually players who finished low on the scoreboard, or joined a battle too late to earn anything, or couldn’t finish the battle for some reason. To fix the situation, we have rolled out 3 changes:

  • In CTF and CP modes, an enemy tank destroyed by several teammates results in 15 points. Tankers who have dealt damage to the target during the final 10 seconds before its destruction, will receive a share of those points depending on the damage they dealt. You may know this system from TDM battles.
  • The fund is now split in a more competitive way. A losing team can now receive up to 40% of the battle fund, or up to 20% in case it scores zero. The greater the team’s effort in the battle, the bigger their share of the battle fund.
  • Normal, non-PRO battles can be either 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes long. With shorter battles you will get the same number of crystals per hour, but the division of the funds happens more frequently. This way, everyone gets crystals for fighting, even if they can’t afford to spend hours in the game. Longer battles, as well as matches with flag and kill limits, can be created with a PRO battle pass.

Updated gold box mechanism
During the experiment, many players weren’t getting the opportunity to catch the gold, since they were either respawning, or simply too far away from the gold box zone during the notification. To give everyone a fair shot at catching the gold box, it now drops 20 seconds after the notification. There are also more drop locations, including zones near flags. For now, new drop zones have been added to a selection of maps, but this will soon be extended to every arena.

More customization in PRO battles
You can now disable Smart Cooldowns in PRO battles. Whether you like the tactical approach of Smart Cooldowns, or prefer fast-paced battles with all supplies activated, you now have the option to choose. We’ve also increased time, kill and flag limits up to 999. This is a great chance to got a mountain of crystals after a several hours of intense combat.

Small but nice things
Following your feedback, Isida’s visual effect is now closer to the visual style of other turrets. Also, the Settings section now allows you to choose whether or not to display drop zone markings.

We hope these updates will help bring the game closer to what you wish it to be. We’ll do our best to keep acting on your feedback. Now jump right into the game and experience the changes for yourself. And remember to leave your feedback in the forum to help us decide on the way forward.

TO in Novosibirsk: Mission Report

4 top teams, 500 tankers in the DM tournament, 1500 fans, a prize pool of 29,000 USD, and millions of crystals awarded; this is what our event in Novosibirsk will be remembered for!

Our journey to the heart of Siberia started on a Friday morning, on November 21. After several hours on a plane, there we were! Welcome to Novosibirsk!



Preparing for the tournament was a lot of hard work. Our guys had to set up more than 100 PCs for tank battles, as well as prepare the scene, sound and lighting equipment, and the equipment for broadcasting live from the venue.

The finalists of the elite esports league, Tanki Online Star Series, travelled to Novosibirsk Expo Centre from Russia, UK, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Latvia. Their journey started with a dream of victory. Their favorite game was more than just a few hours of entertainment; it was a sport to take seriously.

November 22 started with a morning of jokes and positive emotions. We really needed that, as we had a very challenging day ahead.

There was a lot to fight for and to conquer too. The first ever Tanki Online LAN finals had a prize pool of 29,000 USD. Hundreds of fans joined in the excitement and adrenaline as the pros engaged in furious, unrelenting combat!

Tanki videos and tournament battles were broadcast on a huge screen.

Everything that was happening at the expo centre, including the battles of the LAN Finals, was streamed live to our Russian Twitch channel.

After 8 hours of intense combat, the current top 4 teams of the game — Arcade eSports, Can’t Stop, Epic Guards and Angels&Demons — clashed in a dramatic showdown to finally determine the best of the best. Arcade eSports — formerly known as NooBest — forcefully snatched the title of Champions in the 2nd season of Star Series!

Alongside the Star Series finals, we held a massive DM tournament for everyone who wanted to take part!

A competition consisting of 4 stages attracted a total of 500 players. The top 3 tankers received real-money prizes!

Of course, the tournament was not the only form of entertainment! There was a special game zone where anyone could experience the thrill of being a Generalissimo with a fully-stocked garage, loaded with the full range of equipment. Game designer Vladimir Kovtun was there, answering all sorts of questions from the audience. In breaks between tournaments, we organized all sorts of contests and events. Winners received stickers, badges, T-shirts, gaming gadgets, tons of supplies and crystals, turrets, hulls… and an iPad!

Of course, if there’s a Tanki Online event happening, there’s definitely going to be a few memorable pics… or rather… a thousand!

Each event of this sort is a whole new experience for us. This one will definitely be remembered for a long time. Who knows, maybe we’ll come to your city next!

Supplies Tutorial Contest winners announced!


The Supplies Tutorial contest is over and it’s time to reward the best guide with a fully micro-upgraded tank and 100,000 crystals!

It’s clear the participants put a lot of effort into their videos and we’ve seen some really amazing productions. But the winning video took it a step further. This was a great combination of visuals, sound, graphics, commentary and tactical explanations. It was easy to watch and to understand. And that’s exactly what a tutorial video should be. So here’s the most deserving entry, as judged by a team of developers:

The guide by GoldRock and MarineMan2

Of course, as explained in the rules, there can only be one winner. So, since this video was created by two people, the prize has been shared between them.

Congratulations and well done!

We also felt that some entries deserved an honorable mention due to the quality of their work. So the following have received 50,000 crystals each.








Well done and keep up the good work!

Thank you for taking part in the contest, and don’t forget to start preparing for Masters of Parkour. You could win a unique paint and a mountain of crystals!

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