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Unified Battle List and Chat channels



After server maintenance at 02:00 UTC on October 12th all game servers will receive a big update – Unified Battle List and Chat Channels. We’ll share what to expect from this important release below.


Unified Battle List


From the beginning game servers in Tanki Online were isolated from each other. To find the battle you want, often you had to spend a lot of time switching between servers and scrolling through the lists.


With Unified Battle List you will no longer need to manually switch between servers. All battles created along all servers, including regular and PRO-battles, now will be shown in the same list of active battles. Join the battle you like, and while the game is loading you will be automatically transferred to the correct server.


At the time of the update release the button to switch between servers will be removed from the interface, and the number of the server will be removed from the battle links.


Unified Chat and Chat channels


With the introduction of the unified battle list there’s no need to have separated chats for each server, and to make chatting easier, in-game chat will be unified as well – all messages from all servers will be sent to the same chat.


Of course, when everyone speaks in the same place at the same time, chatting could be problematic. This is why we’re also introducing thematic chat channels.


Instead of the “Chat” button in the game lobby, you will now see the button to choose a chat channel. Pressing on the button will open a list of available channels, and each channel is a chat in itself. As always, you can access chat after the Master Sergeant rank and up. The chat rules and language selection remain the same as before, including public and private messages.


With the update released you will be able to access the following channels:


  • General – analogue of the old chat, you can speak here about anything;
  • New Players – shown in the list until you reach Sergeant-Major;
  • Parkour Club – for those who like to touch the sky;
  • XP/BP/Other – for the fans of format battles;
  • News – discussion about the latest news, discounts and updates;
  • Q&A – advice and help from the experienced players and moderators;
  • Game Reports – here you can send reports about game violations;
  • LF Friends – here you can find new battle and chat friends;
  • LF Battle – here you can share battle links and join battles;
  • Contests – contests discussion;
  • eSports – tournaments, pro-advices and everything eSports;


If you have ideas for new chat channels or feedback on the current list of channels – we welcome them in this topic.


Launch the game after server maintenance on October 12th and join the new and easy to use Unified Battle List, try out the new Chat and tell us what you think!




Q: Will the regular, non-PRO battles remain in the Unified Battle List?

A: Yes, they will stay.


Q: Will I be able to filter the Unified Battle List by choosing only PRO or non-PRO battles?

A: No. You will be able to filter the list as before, choosing battle modes – DM, TDM, CTF, CP.


Q: I got disconnected, lagged out or closed the browser/client, how can I return to the same battle and not lose progress?

A: You can simply launch the game again, and you will return to the same battle.


Q: Why can’t I access Chat channels?

A: Probably, you haven’t reached the rank of Master Sergeant yet.


Q: How to use Chat channels in battle?

A: The updates affects only the in-game lobby chat, and does not change how battle chat works.


Q: Can I discuss other things than what the name of the chat channels says?

A: Yes, you can. We do not stop you from discussing other topics and don’t punish for it. Chan channels are recommendations for everyone in the chat.

Wallpapers and ringtones for mobile devices


The “Materials” section of the homepage now also includes wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds for mobile devices. Now you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a real tanker’s gadget!

Vulcan and new paints are in the game right now!

Hello tankers!

Today, we are happy to introduce the long-awaited Vulcan turret, as well as 13 new protective paints! We have also updated the model of Hammer and made several changes to the parameters of Firebird, Twins and Ricochet. Let’s look into this in detail.

New turret
Vulcan is a turret ideal for combat at medium and long ranges. It is capable of firing indefinitely. However, after shooting for a significant amount of time, it will start building up heat. This will cause your tank to suffer damage. The self-damage feature can be countered by equipping a paint with Firebird protection. Another unique feature of this new turret is its gyroscope. Once Vulcan’s barrels are rotating, it will be fixed in the direction it is firing. Knocking off its aim will be very challenging. This is the first gun that will let you control the hull while the turret is facing the desired direction.

New paints
We have added to the game, 13 new paints with Vulcan protection. Five of them also help in dealing with Hammer’s shots. Detailed descriptions of the new paints can be found below.

Available from: Sergeant
Price: 2 000 crystals
18% against Vulcan


Available from: Warrant Officer 2
Price: 23 000 crystals
25% against Vulcan, 8% against Hammer, 5% against Shaft


Available from: Warrant Officer 4
Price: 35 500 crystals
15% against Vulcan, 15% against Ricochet, 10% against Thunder


Available from: Warrant Officer 5
Price: 42 500 crystals
20% against Railgun, 12% against Vulcan, 10% against Smoky


Available from: Third Lieutenant
Price: 50 500 crystals
20% against Hammer, 20% against Isida, 10% against Vulcan


Available from: Major
Price: 90 500 crystals
25% against Vulcan, 20% against Shaft, 17% against Railgun


Available from: Lieutenant Colonel
Price: 102 500 crystals
30% against Hammer, 30% against Vulcan, 6% against Firebird


Available from: Brigadier
Price: 129 000 crystals
30% against Twins, 25% against Thunder, 20% against Vulcan


Available from: Lieutenant General
Price: 159 000 crystals
33% against Vulcan, 25% against Ricochet, 20% against Freeze


Available from: Fieldmarshal
Price: 210 000 crystals
30% against Hammer, 25% against Vulcan, 20% against Railgun, 18% against Isida


Available from: Generalissimo
Price: 250 000 crystals
50% against Vulcan, 25% against Twins, 25% against Shaft


Available from: Generalissimo
Price: 300 000 crystals
20% against Hammer, 30% against Vulcan, 25% against Twins, 25% against Thunder


Available from: Generalissimo
Price: 300 000 crystals
30% against Isida, 30% against Firebird, 30% against Freeze, 10% against Vulcan


Updated looks for Hammer
We have updated the model of Hammer. The longer barrel reflects the turret’s parameters and accuracy better, while the reworked textures for all modifications helps Hammer fit the game’s visual style better.

Changes in parameters of turrets
The introduction of a new turret always leads to changes in the balance of other weapons. To keep all the turrets in the game competitive, we have made several changes to the parameters of Firebird, Ricochet and Twins.

  • Firebird’s burning damage has been doubled, while the enemy tanks’ cooling time has been decreased by half. This means that burning tanks will receive the same damage as before but in half the time.
  • Twins’ projectiles travel a bit faster. As before, their speed can be further increased by micro-upgrading the Range parameter.
  • Ricochet spends less energy per shot. For example, a fully micro-upgraded M3 is now capable of shooting 12 balls instead of the previous 10.

Make sure you enter the game and try all the new things for yourselves. As always, you can share your impressions in the forum or via the poll.

TO Commentators Contest Winners


We asked you to download an epic battle and to take it to the next level by adding epic commentary to it. You listened and you delivered!

We’ve had some amazing entries full of enthusiasm, adrenaline and even some funny, goofy moments. We had a great time listening to all of them, but here are the best of the best:

Victorious at the 1st Place, snatching a prize of 150000 crystals, we have chocokiwi.

In a very honorable second place, grabbing 120000 crystals, we have I_Purified-KilleR_I.

And in the third place, making off with 70000 crystals, tony990_superstar.

Congratulations to our top three contestants!

Also, deserving an honorable mention and a sizeable catch of 40000 crystals:

zaynbad7, PremiumShiny, Tankcraze_EN, DarthvaderjonGTR, TheTitaniumFalcon, fighter310, Fen-Harel + Hogree, Peace-Keeper-99

A special mention goes to DuckHonk who gets a price of 25000 crystals for the interesting, original approach and good use of instant replays, which gave a deeper level of analysis to some serious in-game action. This entry drew a clear line where eSports leaves casual gaming. It’s also a good guide for novices who would want to know more about specific skillsets and tactics involved in eSports compared to conventional gaming.

A huge thank you to all the participants for the great job, and once again congratulations to our winners, honorable mentions and special mentions. Keep it up and watch out for the next contest!

Best Helpers for January 2015

It’s time to name those who dedicated the most time, energy and enthusiasm to Tanki Online and its community during the last month. Let’s welcome the best helpers of January!

Best chat helpers


Best forum moderators


Best consultants


Best Twitter helpers


Best Facebook moderators


Best reporters


Best esports helpers


Best VK moderators


Best Instagram helpers


Best wiki editors


Best testers


Best contest helpers


Paints with Hammer protection!

Hello tankers!

As of today, the game features the long-awaited paints with Hammer protection! We have added 7 all-new paints. You can find their detailed descriptions below.

Available from: Staff Sergeant
Price: 3 000 crystals
20% against Hammer

Available from: Warrant Officer 1
Price: 23 000 crystals
18% against Hammer
10% against Isida
6% against Railgun

Available from: Warrant Officer 3
Price: 29 000 crystals
30% against Hammer
10% against Ricochet

Available from: Colonel
Price: 138 000 crystals
35% against Hammer
15% against Firebird
10% against Freeze
10% against Twins

Available from: Major General
Price: 143 500 crystals
33% against Hammer
27% against Firebird
18% against Isida

Available from: General
Price: 175 000 crystals
40% against Hammer
30% against Smoky
15% against Railgun

Available from: Marshal
Price: 231 000 crystals
30% against Hammer
28% against Ricochet
20% against Smoky
10% against Firebird

Protection against the shotgun turret has also been added to several existing paints. In their case, the Hammer protection is an additional one, so their prices, and the ranks at which they become available, have remained the same.

“Storm”: 5% against Hammer added
“Desert”: 10% against Hammer added
“Roger”: 15% against Hammer added
“Jade”: 15% against Hammer added
“Rock”: 10% against Hammer added

In the near future, we will also introduce paints offering protection from both Hammer and Vulcan. They will be added to the game with the release of the machine gun turret.

This same update has also brought a small but handy change to the game’s interface. If you access the lobby while in the middle a battle, you can choose whether to remain in the fight while visiting it, or leave the match altogether.

Finally, some maps have received additional drop zones for gold boxes. A while ago, we made the drop points for gold boxes less predictable on the most popular arenas. Now it’s time to extend this to all the remaining maps.

That’s all for now. Enter the game and check out how the new paints look on your battle machine. And make sure you share your impressions about them in the forum and via the poll!

A whole bunch of updates are out!

Hello tankers!

Today we’ve rolled out numerous changes and additions to the game. Get more information on each of them below.

Adjusted impact force for Railgun and Smoky
With the introduction of the auto-aim feature for enemy turrets, light hulls started flipping over too frequently when hit by Railgun or Smoky. This was especially noticeable in format battles. We analyzed player feedback and decreased the impact force of Railgun and Smoky. Now, flipping over a Wasp or a Hornet is still possible, but it requires some skill!

New map
By popular request, we’ve added an updated version of last year’s New Year map to the game. It is called Aleksandrovsk. It supports all battle modes and is available in both summer and winter themes.

Updated rank limits for higher ranks
We have decreased the rank limits for players of higher ranks. Previously, a Warrant Officer with M1 equipment could easily end up in a battle with Generalissimos on M3 turrets and hulls. This was undesirable for both parties. The former had practically no chance of winning, while latter were unhappy with lower rank tankers being unable to affect the outcome of a battle. Now, irrespective of the rank, players will be facing opponents of the same weight category. You can find the updated rank limits on our wiki.

New opening ranks for maps
Most maps now have different ranks at which they become available. Tanki newbies will have access to those arenas that are easiest to learn. More tactically diverse arenas will unlock as a tanker earns higher ranks. Also, all maps are now unlocked upon reaching the 11th rank, rather than the 14th rank as previously required.

Email notification after every crystal purchase
If you have an email address linked to your game account, you will now be receiving an email notification every time you purchase crystals. This will include the date of payment, the number of crystals bought, the payment system and the payment method.

Small changes
The Madness map now supports up to 32 players. We’ve also increased the acceleration of Shaft’s scope in sniping mode.

That’s it for this update. You can share your impressions on the changes in the forum and via the poll. See you, tankers!

Incoming: StarLadder Season 3!

Hello tankers!

We are happy to announce the upcoming 3rd season of StarLadder! Dynamic combat involving top Tanki Online players, live broadcasts of matches, fighting for every flag, and lots of tricks you can learn — all this and much more is waiting for you, starting from January 28!

The following tournaments are held within SLTV:

  • Star Series — elite league of top class professionals competing for the title of SLTV champions, prize pool of $29.000, unique paints and millions of crystals. The most interesting battles of Star Series are streamed on our esports channel with live commentary;
  • Pro Series — the league for skilled and seasoned teams willing to reach the top to become stars;
  • Semi Series — the league for teams that are about to reach professional level;
  • Am Series — the league for those who are only just starting out with their esports adventure;
  • Ranking Cups — short daily tournaments where one can start building some experience in team combat and of course earn some crystals;
  • Weekend Cups — mini tournaments with real money prizes, held on weekends.

Registration for Am Series is open till January 23 (inclusive). Looking to become famous and win crystals? Hurry up and join a team or create your own! Who knows, maybe someday you will reach the top of Star Series and become a star in live streaming battles!

You can fill in a form to enter Am Series on StarLadder site. Upcoming Ranking and Weekend Cups can be found here. The site also contains instructions on how to create a team and participate in tournaments.

Make sure you follow the latest news on our esports site, subscribe to our Facebook, as well as Twitch and YouTube channels. Support your favorite teams and taste the adrenaline and excitement of real esports!

New Year Rank Up: Results


The rank-up contest has come to an end. We asked you to shoot your rank-up moments in a spectacular fashion… and you definitely delivered.

Our winners are below, together with their respective videos. The reward is 200 000 crystals and 200 of each supply per team.

carlygnr, Eddy96King, nozza10, mortall99, crazypattom

T.O.ww, Ngioeelds, Betty-KABOOM, tigerens, drijfsijssie

A_L_A_S_T_O_R_A, ABN-GAZA, GhOsT.NiGhT, TT3B-Lo-TL3B, haany

balo1999, DioDavid2323, legendary-petak, uborka2, i200000

assassin123456787, omgtanker, shot91160, Nirmaleer, jiangreo

CcC-T.i.q.R.i.S_TR, No.Matter, VURKAC, Winner_of_Turkey, SAMPIYONN

spolis fighter566, The.wendeta, Winner_Of_Turkey, shot91160

Soccershooter413, Ricardo_O, Andracaleb6, LOKO_X, To_Hot_For_You

xMoneyMaker, DarthvaderjonGTR, agentforgod7, DeadlyPlayer123, Vithun2000

Snow.HD, sachet100, fighter566, alex334567

hovnocuc12345678910, adulajdak, filipsuperborec, krystiancichy

Jtipt.The.Killer, vedu47, armenia1313, trollface.jpg

aart13, wolt3r, arcizs2009

MIKI3, kennyn1912, estaislocos

idans, Im-Just.A-child

RiChRaCh, R.i.C.h.R.a.C.h

arturka-drug, SSMJ

We’ve also got a number of submissions that didn’t quite make it to the very top, but still impressed us with their effort and quality. The reward for these is 100 000 crystals and 100 of each supply per team. Additionally, we’ve handed out loads of consolation prizes. A whopping 868 tankers get 5000 crystals each. Names of these players and their videos can be found in the forum.

Thank you for taking part in the contest. We’ve got many others lined up for you. Make sure you watch this space to stay up to date!

Contest: Tanki Online Commentator


The “Tanki Online Commentator” contest is back, promising loads of excitement and fun!

Do you enjoy watching battle live streams, but feel you’d have something better to say? Do you feel that commentating matches would be the best way to express your great passion and dedication for the game? Then don’t miss this chance — take part in the contest!

Your task is simple: download the video below, add your commentary using any video-editing program, and re-upload it to your Youtube channel. Then post it here.

Please remember to introduce yourself with your nickname at the beginning of the video — it will help us to identify you as the actual commentator.

Check out our YouTube channel to get a good idea of what we’re expecting.

Contest rules

  • Videos can be posted only in this topic. We do not accept entries sent through Facebook, Private Messages, etc.
  • Only one entry per player. In case of multiple entries, only the last entry will be considered.
  • You must use the video provided, and you are not allowed to edit its visual content.
  • The video must be uploaded to Youtube. Remember to put “TankiOnline” as video tag.
  • This thread is for applications submissions only. Questions, comments, etc. can be posted in the discussion topic.
  • Stealing other players’ entries will result in disqualification.
  • Only entries in English will be accepted.
  • The content of the video must not break the rules of the game.
  • Contest Organizers own non-exclusive rights to all videos submitted in this contest.


  • 1 place: 150 000 crystals and a chance to join the official commentators team
  • 2 place: 120 000 crystals and a chance to join the official commentators team
  • 3 place: 70 000 crystals and a chance to join the official commentators team

If you didn’t make it to the top three, don’t worry: authors of noteworthy entries will get consolation prizes.

The entries will be judged by the administration of the game together with the current cybersport commentators for the English Community.

Deadline for entries is 20:00 UTC on February 1.
Winners will be announced on February 5.

Good luck!

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