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Double Battle Funds for 48 hours!


Summer is on its way out. Does that mean the fun stops here? Of course not. To prove it to you, we’re giving you Double Battle Funds for 48 hours! That’s two days — double the usual promotion.

From 1 am (UTC+0) on August 30 till 1 am (UTC+0) on September 1, take part in as many battles as you can, and get double battle funds for each one you finish.

Come on tankers. Let’s end this summer with a blast!

Rusty Barrels are back!


The applications to join the Players side in the Rusty Barrels tournament are now open. Three teams of two will each be competing against our developers DisconnecT83 (Valeriy Schumann) and VKSpaz (Vladimir Kovtun). Be warned, they are highly experienced and quite deadly in the arena. But don’t be intimidated. They have their weak points too.

There are huge prizes waiting to make it worth your while. And even better, if you win, you’ll have beaten the devs at their own game. There’s no bigger prestige than that.

Apply now on the special site and perhaps you will be one of the tankers representing the English community in the Grand Final! Remember, you need to be at least a Third Lieutenant and have a valid email linked to your account.
Hurry up, the site closes at 8 am (UTC+0) on August 31!

For more info on Rusty Barrels, including dates, prizes, promotions and regulations, please visit our forum.

TO Insider Series: Meet Simone from the Helpers Team


We’ve told you time and time again how Tanki Online owes a big chunk of its success to our Helpers Team. For this issue of the TO Insider Series, we’d like you to meet one of the top guys in this team. His name is Simone, and he’s about to tell you all about how his passion for helping people has found a fulfilling outlet in this game we love so much.

But Simone takes his passion a lot further than you’d expect. Find out more in the interview below.

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role in the game.
Hello everyone, I’m Issho Fujitora, also known as BarbaFenner89, but in Tanki Online I’m simply ‘Simone’. I’m a voluntary Consultant and Facebook Moderators Administrator, as well as a Chat and Forum Moderator. Nice to meet you all!

How long have you been with Tanki? How did you find out about it in the first place?
I still remember the first day I discovered Tanki. It was a boring afternoon and I’d been playing some random PC game or other. I decided to roam the net in search of something new; an “online challenge” if you will.

A friend suggested Tanki Online, so I decided to give it a go. It had an old style interface at the time, and it was a bit hard to find the proper way to play and win due to the high level of skill of the players I was competing against. But I immediately found it challenging and realized this was something I could really sink my teeth into. Since then I’ve never looked back! I’ve now been playing Tanki Online since early 2011, and this year I have celebrated my 3rd ‘In-Game Birthday’.

In your opinion , what is the best thing about Tanki?
Variety – this single, simple keyword encapsulates everything that’s amazing about this game.
There are so many different combinations of hulls, turrets and paint jobs, and a huge variety of maps and battle strategies depending on the game mode. Even the community itself is composed of a huge number of users, all having a unique and amazing personality! If you’re up for meeting new people, Tanki is an awesome place for that!

How did you choose your nickname? Does it have a specific meaning?
My nickname was chosen carefully after thinking about an ideal I share with one of my favourite characters from the Manga/Anime show, ‘One Piece’. The character in question is ‘Issho Fujitora’, the Admiral of the Marines. He is blind, but considers his blindness a gift: “In this world, there are many horrible things that you do not want to see.”

I completely agree with this quote. His words carry meaning and weight for me in terms of the game, and also in real life. My mission in both is to oppose violators and protect players from the ‘horrible things’ that could harm them. This philosophy has also led me to become a volunteer for Civil Protection, an organization that assists people during natural events and disasters.

How did you manage to become a helper for Tanki Online?
It was a long journey, and I still remember every step.

I applied for the post of Advertising Agent for a Tanki Online esports project in May 2012. After some weeks of hard work and commitment, I was asked to become the Agents’ Admin because of my efficiency and ability to organise and setup my work, day by day.

After the direction of Tanki Online esports changed in the middle of July 2012, I applied to become a Consultant, and at the end of August I was promoted to Full Consultant. In April 2013, after celebrating my 18th Birthday, I applied to become a Forum Moderator, and was accepted. During the period between September and December 2013, I had a bit of a break to organize my life around university. I returned to Tanki at the beginning of January 2014.

During May 2014, I was unexpectedly contacted by Semyon. He asked me whether I would be interested in becoming an Administrator for the EN Community. The rest of my story is here to be witnessed everyday :)

Have you ever come across any funny or weird things while working as a member of the game helpers team? Do you get positive feedback on your work and the help you provide tankers with?
I often receive suggestions and feedback from players related to how I (and other staff members in general) should interact with the community. Many users prefer a formal and direct dialogue, while others like an informal and friendly conversation. With all the information we’ve gathered, we’ve formed a communications strategy that we hope will make everyone feel welcome.

During my years with Tanki, I’ve seen many funny and weird things – photos, videos, gifs, or even quotes and long heated arguments! It’s a daily thing when you’re on the front line, dealing with fans; you never know what you’re going to come across next!

Why is Tanki important to you?
Tanki is a huge community that gives all those involved a great opportunity to meet new friends, and challenge fellow players to epically fun online battles. It’s a place where you can share your spare time with other likeminded users whom you would never normally meet in real life. That can be a wonderful thing!

Tanki is important to me because of the life lessons I’ve learned by being involved in this community, and also because of all my fantastic colleagues – FRIENDS – that I’ve gotten to work with for so many years!

What do you do outside of the game? Do you have other hobbies?
I’m currently a 2nd year Chemistry student at University. I also work as a Chemistry Laboratory Teacher for children between the ages of 5 and 17. During summer, I’m a Lifeguard (been one for more than 3 years now) and when disaster strikes, I volunteer in the Civil Protection Service.

In my spare time and/or during my vacation, I love going on trips to the mountains. I live close to the foot of the Alps, so they’re not far for me to visit. During the winter I go skiing there as well, but I plan on switching to snowboarding next season as it sounds more challenging! I also love walking, and experiencing nature all around me.

Something you’d like to say to the community?
Enjoy your lives! Don’t let other people get you down, ever. If you’re open minded, and willing to study and learn new things, don’t listen to those who tell you to do the opposite; they are the ones who are wrong, not you!

50% off Firebird, select paints, and Paypal purchases


The fuse is burning on one of our hottest sales — 50% off Firebird, a selection of fire-protection paints, and Paypal purchases. The paints covered by the discount are: Marine, Storm, Swash, Jaguar, Spark, Loam, Winter, Urban, Inferno, Taiga, Prodigi and Zeus.

This promotion ends at 1 am UTC+0 on August 30 so you only have a few hours left. Hurry up, grab a Firebird and turn on the heat!

50% discount on Wasp, Freeze & related paints plus 25% off credit card purchases


If you’ve been dying for a breeze of fresh air, Freeze is here for the rescue. The undisputed turret of cool is getting a 50% price slash for 24 hours, along with the following paints: Inferno, Zeus, In love, Jaguar, Python, Lava, Rustle, Irbis.

And if your supply of crystals has melted away due to the excessive heat, we’re giving you a 25% discount off all purchases made via credit card as well. Plus, there’s a 50% discount on Wasp too because it’s a cool hull.
So, to recapitulate, that’s 50% off Wasp, Freeze and select paints, and 25% off crystals purchased via credit card. These discounts are currently active and are valid till 1 am (UTC+0) on August 23.

Grab a cold drink, chill out and be the coolest in the arena with Freeze! Only a few hours of discount left.

Double battle funds!


Whether it’s double burgers, double chocolate or double battle funds, double is always better. So here’s a dose of double battle funds for 24 hours, starting from 1 am (UTC+0) on August 20 till 1 am (UTC+0) on August 21.

Get double the battle funds for every battle you finish, and keep raking in those crystals. Your dream tank isn’t that far away after all.

Get free crystals for linking your account

Great news Tankers!

We’re giving away 2000 crystals to every player who has a valid email address linked to their account. If you still haven’t linked your email address, don’t worry, you can do so till 1 am (UTC+0) on August 24.

Besides finding yourself 2000 crystals richer, you’ll also get the added benefit of having a more secure account. With your email linked, even if someone hacks your account and makes a mess in your garage, we’ll have the tools to bring it back.

So, secure your garage and equipment now by linking a valid email address to your account, and get 2000 crystals for free. Crystals will be credited on August 26.

If you need help with linking your email to your account, please follow these instructions.

Tanki Online Newspaper 25


Issue 25 of the Tanki Online English Newspaper is out! As always, it is packed with useful reviews, funny stories and contests where you can win crystals!

Make sure you check it out in the forum.

TO Insider Series: Meet Semyon Kirov

Tankers! Today’s TO Insider Series interview is one that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. It’s with a person who is very close to the community, in every sense. His name is Semyon Kirov and he is the Lead Community Manager for Tanki Online’s international community.

Famous for the bespectacled avatar he used to have in the forums, and for his intense passion for the community, Semyon will be taking a step into the spotlight and telling us all about how he nurtured his childhood passions and combined them into a profession he loves.

Please introduce yourself. What is your job at Tanki Online?
Hey! My name’s Semyon Kirov and I’m the lead community manager for Tanki Online’s English community. Happy to be here.

How did you get started in the games industry?
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved three things: helping people, learning languages, and of course, videogames. By age seven, I knew that languages were my main interest and that they would be a big part of my future.

While studying, playing videogames became my main and only hobby. When I was six, my father gave me a NES as a birthday present, and this is how my journey into the world of games began. Various consoles and upgrades of my gaming PC followed, as well as hundreds of games and thousands of hours spent playing day and night. All of this gave me bad eyesight and a strong reputation as a nerd! :). But I didn’t care what people thought of me; I just loved playing videogames!

As time passed, games became my main passion and, whether I worked as an interpreter, translator or manager, I was only dreaming of one thing — getting to that magical castle in the sky that was The Games Industry. So when people tell you that dreams don’t come true, tell them to sod off, because here I am, doing the one thing I dreamt of when I was a kid!

How did you get started at Tanki Online?
When I finally felt that I was ready to combine my two greatest passions, I actively started to look for job vacancies in the games industry. Tanki Online was my first target because of two things. First off, Tanki Online is based in my hometown, Perm. Second, while working as an English tutor, I was already teaching guys from AlternativaPlatform, and I knew many of them pretty well! I sent in my CV and an application letter, they replied, and I did a test task. Then they called me in for an interview and I got the job!

What makes Tanki Online unique?
Lots of things! Tanki is a real 3D, in-browser game (that was something really special back in 2008). Also, the fact that there’s no difference between players who invest money in the game and those who don’t, is a great thing too. A non-buyer can get exactly the same items as a buyer; he or she just has to spend more time to get them. This is a really good thing because with time comes experience, and skill!

I could keep naming reasons all day, honestly! But as a community manager, I think the one thing that’s bigger than all of the reasons put together, is our community of players. The bond between tankers is really strong and you feel it everywhere around the game. Tanki continues to grow and improve, largely thanks to our players who are always ready to help, provide feedback on every tiny detail and even support us when things get difficult!

What do you think the F2P-market will look like in 5 years?
A tough question as no one can foresee future (would be nice though, wouldn’t it, huh?). I’m not an idealist, but I really believe that the future of games is up to us; and by “us” I don’t mean developers, but all those who love games.

Can you offer any advice to Gamers who want to establish themselves in the games industry?
Of course – simply, love games. Once that love has grown and you feel ready for something bigger, don’t waste your time; start thinking of ways to become a part of it. Look for courses and educational programs in your town or in other cities you can reach. If you are at school, start thinking about how your favorite subject can help you get into the industry. If you love MMOs, get more involved by becoming a volunteer or a moderator. This can be an excellent entry point. And the most important thing is this: always remember, skills can be learned, but passion is a gift. So if you’ve got it, use it!

What is the most important thing in a community manager’s work? What are you enjoying the most?
Our community is now so huge, that unfortunately I can no longer talk to every player. Because of this, the most crucial thing is to make sure we talk to as many players as possible simultaneously. Video blogs have become the perfect tool to communicate with a lot of people at the same time, and I really enjoy putting those together.

Working on our Esports direction is another thing I particularly enjoy. It’s amazing to see casual gamers starting out with Tanki, acquiring skills and growing with the game. As they develop as players, it’s great to watch them enter clans and even start winning real money prizes. When a teenager from a small European town is playing in front of thousands of viewers on Twitch, this is when I get the feeling that our community is thriving.

How much time do you spend working with the members of the community?
Frankly, I try to spend as much time as physically possible. Being a community manager is not like being an artist or a programmer; sometimes I just cannot predict what is going to happen. Emergencies come up, and I’m always on the front line, between developers and players. And honestly, being that middleman, the transmitter, bringing together the people who made the game, with the people who spend time playing and loving it, is the best thing I can think of doing with my time. It gives me energy, a desire to keep delivering, keep helping and keep contributing to everything that makes Tanki Online so great.

New Anti-Flood System goes live


In episode 7 of the VLOG, we told you about how our developers have been working on an anti-flood system so that you can have a better experience in chat. Well, the anti-flood system is now live. In case you’re a bit fuzzy on the details, here’s what it’s all about.

The system works by restricting the number of characters over time. The restriction may not necessarily apply to the whole message but even to a part of it. If you’ve used up your quota of characters for a set period of time, the extra ones will be highlighted in red, and instead of the “Send” button, you will see a timer telling you how long you have to wait before sending a message of such length. You can simply make the text shorter and send it, or wait till the time restriction is removed.

Of course, if you’re well behaved in chat, the anti-flood system will not affect you in the least, except for the fact that you will see less flooding in the chat stream.

We hope the new anti-flood system will make Tanki Online chat more enjoyable. We will continue to test extensively and fine-tune to get the best results possible.

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