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Who came out victorious?


Arm Pride and A&D have put all their skill, technique and ferocity into this battle. We’re at a point in the tournament where no mistakes are allowed. But one of these teams has slipped, and is now one step further from the LAN final.

If you’ve missed this battle, you can watch the recording below.

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Create a video tutorial and win a full micro-upgraded tank!

A real tanker is fearless in the arena, and takes up any challenge with determination and focus. Well, we have a challenge for all real tankers out there. But first, the reward:

A fully micro-upgraded tank (turret, hull and paint) available at the winner’s rank and 100 000 crystals

Interested? Then here’s the challenge.

Create a tutorial video with commentary on how to use smart supplies to overcome all of the following three dares:

  • Deathmatch – survive for 5 minutes on a full map, while remaining actively engaged in combat and raking in kills.
  • Team Deathmatch – get 40 kills in 5 minutes on a full map.
  • Capture the Flag – deliver a flag for each of the 2 bases (maximum time to deliver each flag is 1 minute, you are not allowed to drop the flag once you have it).

Your videos can be filmed in any of the following ten maps: Rio, Serpuhov, Highland, Sandbox, Iran, Silence, Future, Polygon, 2042 and Kungur. You are allowed to use a different map for every dare.

If you think you’re the smartest and most tactical tanker out there; if you think you’ve got what it takes to win the tank of your dreams, visit the official contest thread now. There you can find out more about the rules and dates of this contest, and post your entry. Visit the forum now!

Tanki Online in book form!


Tanki Online has just taken a giant leap into a new, exciting adventure. The universe of Tanki Online is now in book form. The first of a whole series of books has just been launched.

The story takes place in a not so distant future version of our world, recovering from ravaging wars and natural disasters. As humanity struggles to regain its footing, a new brutal sport emerges, gripping the whole world in a vice of excitement and adrenaline. Tanki Online Worldwide — a game by no means virtual — features intense clashes between roaring, fire-spitting, steel tanks. For the participants, its a high-speed road towards riches… or an early grave.

For now, the book has only been launched in Russian. An English version of the book, as well as versions in other languages, might be released in the future.

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Who came out victorious?


This has been a great afternoon with two hot battles — Can’t Stop vs NooBest and GGWP vs DoW.

Can’t Stop and Noobest fought it out in an attempt to get a foot into the LAN final. And for GGWP, this was the last battle of the season.

These are two battles worth re-watching. Check them out below.

Tanki Online at BGS: How it was

Between the 8 and 12 October, the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo hosted the 5th edition of the Brasil Game Show; an international games expo. This year saw a record 250 000 visitors, and double the usual space for booths and stands occupied by industry giants.

Our impressions? Absolute delight! An expo of this size is an excellent chance to try out games that will only be available in 2015. And then there’s the cosplay, booth babes, shows, prizes, gifts and never ending excitement! This is a real celebration of life, and we want to tell you all about it. Let’s start!

Thousands of square meters of entertainment, dozens of stands, several huge halls, and a whole lot of games.


Nick, our video guru, was barely able to get his camera ready in time to take a pic of yet another famous video game character or unusual object!

But above all, it’s all about games, right? This time, Tanki Online was at BGS too, alongside projects from Sony, Activision, EA, Ubisoft and other industry giants.

Most of the stand was occupied by 20 gaming PCs, where every visitor could try the game and even take part in a tournament.

Over 4 days at the expo, more than 2000 players joined the fight!

A huge screen which was used for displaying trailers, gameplay videos and tournament streams.

Our Dictator’n’Thunder attracted a lot of attention! People were taking pics next to it, over and over again. Some visitors even got to play the game inside the tank itself!

Between tournaments we had loads of contests and giveaways: stickers, T-shirts, gaming keyboards and headsets, as well as several iPads.

Throughout the expo, our stand had over 20 000 visitors!

So, Tanki has conquered yet another city. Who knows where our next adventure will take us!?

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Revision in the number of Servers


As announced, we have revised the number of active servers to achieve a better balance in server population. From now on, it should be a lot easier to find battles that fit your rank and experience.

As of this update, the number of EN servers has been halved down to 10, and there are 2 DE servers instead of 3.

We will actively monitor server population and make changes accordingly to optimize distribution.

Who came out victorious?


Skill, technique and determination have not been lacking in today’s matches between All In and Can’t Stop, and NooBest and A&D.

If you’ve been following Season 2 of Star Series, you know these four teams have been giving a spectacular show and are all determined to reach the LAN Final. But not all of them will make it.

Missed these two exciting matches? You should definitely watch the recordings below.

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