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The Shaft gun is improved!
Dear tankmen, we hurry to inform you that, together with the new release, the Shaft gun got better! The changes affected the parameters of force of impact projectile, impact velocity and impact parameter in the rotation mode. And most importantly – have dropped the wobble of sight with the maximum charge. Now, the sniper accuracy is on your side! More information on the forum.
“Sniper Tanki Online” contest result are out.
The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the “Sniper Tanki Online” contest has come to an end and the winners have been announced here
There are 5 million us!
Under the fractional roar of cannon fire , we welcome ! He became the five millionth player of Tanki Online. In such a momentous day, we congratulate all of you, dear friends – it’s you who make Tanki Online so exciting and fun. A player who goes by the gaming name was caught in the right time and place, and is still waiting for a small gift – a T-shirt and mug with the symbol of Tanki Online. Let’s congratulate each other on forum!
Presents in Tanki Online
Dear tankmen, time of additional compensational gifts giving was changed. To receive your additional supplies, you should enter the game between 08:30 (UTC +4) on Tuesday, October 11 and 09:00 (UTC +4) on Wednesday, October 12.
Respected tankmen, the ” Tanki Online” team brings the deepest apologies in connection with turning off of gaming servers. It is not worthwhile to be disturbed because of the lost funds and the broken battles! On October 11 00:00 to 24:00, there will be additional gifts with supplies, for all those who will enter the game. Contents of the gifts individually depend on your rank. See you in the fields of battles!
Tanki Online “Model maker”
Have you ever dreamed of making your favorite gaming tank models with your own hands and for that get a prize? Well that chance has come!
Presenting: the new Tanki Online “Model Maker” contest here.

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