Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th

Hello, tankers!

In honour of Tankers’ Day, we’ve prepared a special surprise for you!


The unique Steampunk-themed skins for Twins and Mammoth, as well as the animated «Bronze armor» paint, will be added to the game.


The only way to get these skins and the paint will be out of the updated Ultra Containers that’re only available during these Tankers’ Day celebrations!

These new skins look cool and are completely different from any other skin currently in Tanki Online. Therefore, we’ve decided to change the contents of Ultra Containers so that your chance of getting these skins is increased. During the celebrations you have higher chance to get the following items from the updated ultra containers:

  • «Steampunk» skins for Twins and Mammoth
  • Animated «Bronze armor» paint
  • «Armadillo» protection module
  • «Crisis» drone

The animated «Bronze armor» paint

We’ll also add a special «Steampunk» Shop offer timed to coincide with this event; the offer features 300 Ultra Containers at a very affordable price!


You’ll be able to buy it only between 2 AM UTC September 3 and 2 AM UTC September 20.

After the conclusion of the Tankers’ Day celebrations these skins and the paint will be removed from Ultra Containers; we haven’t yet decided when to release them again. So if you want to get the full collection of unique Steampunk-styled items — don’t miss your chance!

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