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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!


We have some legendary news for you! With the servers’ restart on June 18th, the new “Tesla” turret will be released!


If you watched the V-LOG then you’ve already seen how it works, but for those that haven’t it’s explained below.


How it works


Tesla is a melee-range turret with two shooting modes:

  • Chain lightning
  • Ball lightning

In the first mode — a lightning “chain” attacks the nearest target. On contact with a target it looks for the next nearest target to make a new “link” in the chain. Teammates and enemies alike can both extend the chain. Electricity goes through all the links in the chain and deals damage to opponents.

The damage dealt depends on the number of targets and is divided amongst all the enemy tanks. The critical damage is the same for all targets. This mode doesn’t consume fuel, so it doesn’t need to recharge and you just need to press and hold the fire button.

The second mode — features a lightning ball. If you press the fire button and release it, a ball of lightning will appear. This lightning ball deals damage when a target is hit and explodes when a tank or any object is hit. In this mode the turret consumes fuel and needs to recharge. 

You can use the lightning ball as a “link” in the chain, as well as tanks of teammates and opponents. This way you can increase the length of your chain lightning and deal damage to more enemies.

Tesla provides new opportunities on the battlefield and becomes an important member of any team.


Early access


As for now, you can get the new turret out of the updated Ultra Containers. You may find them in the Shop or get them as a reward for completing super missions.

Hurry up to be the first to check out the new turret!

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