Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd
  • Event: Ultra Weekend March 19th – 21st
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Starts: Friday, March 19th
  • Ends: Monday, March 22nd

Important Note: Unless otherwise stated, all events and activities start and end with the server restart which takes place at 02:00 UTC.




We are excited to announce that the upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be ULTRA!


There will be a special battle mode, special missions, boosted funds and experience points, coinboxes and Ultra Containers, and a valuable special offer.

This Ultra Weekend will start on Friday, March 19th, at 2:00 UTC, and will last until Monday, March 22nd, 2:00 UTC. 


Special battle mode


This weekend, be prepared for a deadly fight in DM mode on your favorite maps:

  • Polygon
  • Iran
  • Bridges

Prepare your death machines! It will be hard but hilarious!


Boosted Funds and Experience


Enjoy the fall-harvest on maximum! You will get boosted funds and experience points for every matchmaking battle on top of the crystal bonuses and experience that we announced earlier.




As always, coinboxes will return during the event – check them out in the Shop! You can get all sorts of rewards, including the chance to win a jaw-dropping 100,000 tankoins from a single coinbox!

There are other cool rewards too; make sure to check them out on the Wiki.


Ultra containers


Of course, don’t forget about ultra containers, which you can get for completing various special missions. Also, they will be available for purchase in the shop.

From ultra containers, you can get:

  • Augments for the following turrets: Freeze, Hammer, Ricochet, Striker, Magnum, Vulcan, Shaft, Gauss, Smoky, and Railgun (latest released augments will also be present);
  • Crystals, supplies, and gold boxes;
  • Days of Premium Pass, common and rare paints;
  • Shot effects.

Special Bundle in the Shop


Have you got a keen eye for a great deal? Cool. We’ve created a special bundle that will set you ahead of the competition, which you can buy at an affordable price.

This bundle will be exclusively available in the Shop for the duration of the festivities.


Special bundle «Undefeated»

  • Mammoth Mk2
  • Hammer Mk2
  • Mammoth XT
  • Hammer XT
  • «Kapuljat» paint
  • «EMP Immunity» augment for Mammoth
  • «Adaptive reload» augment for Hammer
  • «Blood» shot effect for Hammer
  • 60 ultra containers

Special missions


You can never have enough ultra containers. Complete the special missions to get them and… stars!

  • Super mission: Wild Weekend
  • Task: Complete «Scrooge», «Fighter», «Terminator» and «Major strike» missions.
  • Prize: 7 ultra containers and 150 shards.
  • Mission: Scrooge
  • Task: Earn 30,000 crystals in the festive «DM» mode.
  • Prize: 150 shards and 50 stars.
  • Mission: Fighter
  • Task: Earn 10,000 battle points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 150 shards and 50 stars.
  • Mission: Terminator
  • Task: Destroy 200 tanks using short-range turrets (Twins, Ricochet, Hammer) in any of the matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 150 shards and 50 stars.
  • Mission: Major strike
  • Task: Use double damage 99 times in any of the matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 150 shards and 50 stars.

So, get ready to jump into the fray for three days of blazing combat starting with the server restart on Friday, March 19th.