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Puzzle Game August 2020 II

Hello, tankers!


Please welcome back the second edition of the old but gold Puzzles contest.


Do you read the announcements on the main page? In the next few days you will need to check all of them.


The idea is simple. We have an image – a screenshot taken in a Tanki battle. We have split it into 36 parts and hidden each part in the announcements on the main page.


The first 12 parts will appear on Friday, August 21st, right after the V-LOG, at 13:00 UTC. The next 12 parts will appear on Saturday, August 22nd, at 9:00 UTC, and the last parts will appear on Sunday, August 23rd, at 9:00 UTC. Be aware that this time puzzle parts of 1st day will disappear on 2nd day and so on.


Before you start looking for these parts, you will need to enter the special contest page, log in, and get your personal code. When you find a part of the puzzle, there will be a form for you to enter your code and an OK button to click on. Once you have done these steps, your progress is counted and you will be able to see how many parts you have already found. You can also track your progress on the contest page.


On Monday, August 24th at 9 UTC we will stop accepting entries and will start proceeding with the results. The fastest tankers will get following prizes:

  • 1 place: 300 tankoins, 30 containers and 3 days of Premium Pass
  • 2-10 place: 150 tankoins, 15 containers and 1 day of Premium Pass
  • 11-50 place: 50 tankoins and 5 containers
  • 51-100 place: 1 container


The first puzzle will appear in this article on Friday, August 21st, right after the V-LOG at 13:00 UTC. We wish you good luck and hope that you will like the new version of the contest.