Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Tankers, we can’t wait to share this great news with you!


To this date, we worked on a highly top-secret project.


However, today, we are ready to introduce you to this project, which was the development of the new website!


Our main page was in need of an update for a decently long time.


While developing our new website, we tried our hardest to make it the most comfortable and up-to-date, as well as make it be functional for years to come (just as the old website had been). 


In addition, we will add a comfortable categorization of the material that we publish on the website. All news, whether it be an announcement, an update review, or something else, will have their own symbol. The searching process will be even more comfortable than now. 


And… there will be a button to contact technical support directly through the website. We know you have requested it often, so we made it!


The old version of the website will continue to exist in parallel with the new one for some time. We want you to compare them, and to tell us your thoughts and wishes. If you click on the special icon, you will be able to leave a comment about the new design – this will help to improve it even more with your help.



Enough words! It is better to see once than to read ten times. To check out the new website, follow the link from the main page.


We eagerly await your feedback!

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