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Results of Birthday cards contest



Results for the Tanki Birthday Greeting Cards contest are out.

Congratulations and thank you all for participating. Hope you had fun!


Unfortunately, we could not choose 5 winners in Digital category, so we have chosen 10 winners in «Physical colouring» category.


1st Place — 50 000 Crystals, 30 Containers, and 30 Coinboxes


2nd Place — 40 000 Crystals, 25 Containers, and 25 Coinboxes


3rd Place — 30 000 Crystals, 20 Containers, and 20 Coinboxes



4th Place — 20 000 Crystals, 15 Containers, and 15 Coinboxes



5th Place — 10 000 Crystals, 10 Containers, and 10 Coinboxes



Well done everyone and thank you all for participating in Tanki Birthday Greeting Cards!


The prizes will be sent out tonight, on June 16th.