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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



The lockdown has been prolonged and while some people are getting bored, we gamers are rocking out!


From Friday, 02:00 UTC May 15th till Monday, 02:00 UTC June 1st, for a total of 17 days, we’ll be celebrating with even more themed missions, increased battle funds/experience, hot bundles, and cool rewards!


Boosted Funds and Experience Points

Get even more crystals and XP points in all Matchmaking battles!


  • 1.75x battle fund (only in MM)
  • 1.75x experience points (only in MM)


These multipliers stack with a Premium account, so this might be a great time to get a subscription!


Special Missions

Let’s have more fun with the Lockdown 3.0 celebrations. Special missions have already become a traditional part of festivities in TO. Complete them to grab some awesome rewards!


«Dangerous tag game»

  • Goal: Destroy 50 tanks using Mammoth’s overdrive in Matchmaking battles.
  • Reward: 100x «Speed boost» supplies


«Gatherings are banned!»

  • Goal: Earn 30 000 battle points in Siege mode.
  • Reward: 100x «Battery» supplies
  • Note: The mission will be available from the rank of Recruit. The rank limit required to play Siege will be lowered to Recruit for the duration of this event.


«1.5 meters»

  • Goal: Destroy 3000 tanks with short-range turrets (Twins, Ricochet, Hammer) in Matchmaking battles.
  • Reward: «Miner» drone


«The Revenant»

  • Goal: Complete «Dangerous tag game», «Gatherings are banned!» and
  • «15 meters» missions.
  • Reward: «Survivor» paint


Because we <3 you

  • Goal: Enter the game at least once from May 15th 02 UTC till June 1st 02 UTC.
  • Reward: 2x containers


«Community unity»

  • Goal: Complete the «Evolution of confidence» mission 17 times.
  • Reward: 15x weekly containers


«Only by playing way!»

  • Goal: Complete the «F2P» mission 17 times.
  • Reward: 5x containers


IMPORTANT: Make sure you visit the Special section of the Missions panel in the HTML5 or Mobile version of the game first to activate the missions, or your progress won’t be tracked!


Daily Missions

From May 15th 02:00 UTC till June 1st 02:00 UTC, we have prepared a host of new, special daily missions:



  • Goal: Earn 10 000 battle points in Matchmaking battles.
  • Reward: 1x container


«Evolution of confidence»

  • Goal: Catch 1 gold box in a Matchmaking battle.
  • Reward: 3x gold boxes


Each of these missions will be reset daily after the server restart at 2:00 UTC.

Note: Your daily missions’ progress won’t be moved to the next day after the servers’ restart and you will have to complete it again.


Special Offers

Get these new bundles «Containers. The cooler containers!» and «Better within 4 walls» at a great bargain price in the Shop.


Special Offer 1 «Containers. The cooler containers!»

  • 50x containers
  • 50x ultra containers


Special Offer 2 «Better stay within 4 walls»

  • «Lime» paint
  • «Ricochet Mk1» turret*
  • «Ricochet XT» skin
  • «Minus-field stabilization» augment for Ricochet


* If you do not have Ricochet in your Garage


Remember that Tanki is more fun with friends (and they’re probably bored in lockdown too). So get your friends to create an account and join you in battle.


The new HTML5 version has been optimized to run even on older computers, and the same goes for our Android mobile version. So no matter what system they’re on, they won’t have any problem jumping into the action.


Enjoy the Lockdown 3.0 event with your friends!