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Hello, tankers!

Tomorrow, on April 24th, with the server restart at 02:00 UTC, an important update will be released: new Ultra containers will appear in the game, and there will be some important changes, including for protection modules.

Alterations for Hulls and changes to protection modules


A few years ago, we released alterations, which change the parameters and behaviour of turrets in multiple ways. Now, it’s time for Hull alterations.


To start off, we are going to release 8 alterations for Hunter. The Alterations for the other hulls will be released later. Here are their descriptions:


Heat Immunity

Makes your tank immune to heat damage, such as that inflicted by Vulcan’s overheating, or the persistent burn after-effect from Firebird. However, Firebird will still be able to deal direct damage to your tank.


Cold Immunity

Makes your tank immune to the slow-down effects of cold, such as that inflicted by the Freeze turret. However, Freeze will still be able to deal direct damage to your tank.


EMP Immunity

Makes your tank immune to the effects of Electromagnetic Pulses. This includes Hunter’s Overdrive, which will be unable to deactivate your Supplies.


Heavyweight Construction

Significantly increases your hull’s weight, making it more resistant to pushback. Acceleration may be affected, but the added momentum has useful applications for ramming tanks.


Lightweight Construction

Significantly decreases your hull’s weight. While not particularly useful in a combat scenario, creative tankers might want to take advantage of this feature for “unconventional” tank stunts.


Heat Resistance

Partially protects your tank from the damage and effect of heat, making it harder to burn. Does not affect direct damage from Firebird.


Cold Resistance

Partially protects your tank from the effect of cold, making it harder to slow down. Does not affect direct damage from Freeze.


Stun Immunity

Makes your tank immune to stun effects, preventing your enemies from immobilizing you. While stuns are rare, protection from them could be decisive at a crucial moment.

Together with the release of the new alterations, protection modules will lose their ability to reduce slow-down and after-burn status effects.


An example: If you equip a module with protection from Freeze, it will still protect you from the direct damage caused by the turret BUT it will no longer protect you from the slow-down status effect.


To protect yourself from slow-down or after-burn effects, you will need to use hull alterations.


Hull changes


JGR will get 50% protection from after-burn damage, and you will need twice as much time to slow it down or overheat it.


Titan and Wasp
Titan’s dome will no longer protect from Wasp’s bomb, freezing (slow-down) and burning (after-burn) effects, but will still decrease heating damage;


When you place the dome, in addition to disabling other domes, it will also disable bombs from Wasp’s overdrive.



Stun duration will be increased from 2,7 to 3 seconds and supplies disable duration will be increased from 3 to 5 seconds.


Ultra containers

This weekend will bring special Ultra containers instead of ordinary ones (price will remain same)


Unlike ordinary containers, Ultra contains special prizes.


During this particular event, these special prizes will be: coinboxes, Hunter alterations and the unique Hunter Ultra skin.


More details about these new containers are in the special announcement.


Productivity improvements

We keep working on the HTML5 version of the game. In this update, we have fixed unnecessary framebuffer switches while rendering, so the FPS should be significantly increased on old PCs.

Check the full list of changes in patch notes.


Enter the game tomorrow and share your feedback in the comments.