Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th



In episode 239 of the V-LOG, we told you about some exciting changes that are coming to Vulcan. Whether you’re a veteran of this turret, a total newbie, or someone who’ll be giving it another shot, you’re going to have a great time with the newly-reforged Vulcan.


But every star deserves a grand entrance. So we’ve created the “Big Freaking Gun” Bundle for Vulcan.


Why you don’t wanna miss this

When we created this bundle, we wanted to give something truly unique to those who want to invest in Vulcan.

We want you to go into battle and have something nobody else has on the map.

You’ll sport a wicked look with the brand new Vulcan Ultra skin and Mysterious Red shot effect. And you’ll have a lethal, totally unexpected competitive advantage with the “Rubberized Rounds” Alteration, which takes advantage of Vulcan’s new firing mechanic.


But for these items to be really unique, we also need to keep them exclusive.

For this reason, the Mysterious Red shot effect and the “Rubberized Rounds” Alteration mentioned above will be available EXCLUSIVELY from this bundle. More importantly, once the bundle goes away, you will NOT be able to get these two items for a very long time, if at all.

As for Vulcan Ultra, we’re still not sure when it will become available again. So if you’ve set your heart on this baby, you really shouldn’t let it slip through your fingers.

This is your chance to FINALLY own a Vulcan you can be proud of. And it all goes away at 02:00 UTC on Monday, March 2nd.

Detailed description of contents


New “Mysterious Red” Vulcan Shot Effect

Why “mysterious”? Because it’s one of those undefinable, ethereal, confounding shades of red that boggles the mind. And because it sounds cool.


New “Rubberized Rounds” Vulcan Alteration

These rubber-encased shells significantly increase bounce probability and number of ricochets when firing. This enables you to attack your enemies from unexpected positions and easily mislead them. However, the increased drag from air resistance has a negative impact on the speed of such rounds.


New Vulcan Ultra Skin

The king of rapid-firing gets a cool Ultra Skin. Rip your enemies to shreds and look good doing it. Features improved textures and transparencies, as well as animations and other visual effects.

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