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Tanki Fund

Hello tankers!


Last Saturday, many of you spent a lot of time on the special Halloween map. And of course, you witnessed (or maybe you were part of) the invasion of Mammoth goldbox hunters.


It’s time to deal with this issue, so with tomorrow’s server restart, on October 31st at 02:00 UTC, we’ll be implementing some important balance changes to Overdrives and Alterations.




Mammoth’s overdrive will no longer make it invincible. This means that while its overdrive is active, Mammoth will not be immune from damage and physical impact.


However, to compensate for taking away invincibility, we’ll be adding some other useful features.


When you activate Mammoth’s overdrive, your hit points will instantly be restored, and any freezing and burning effects will be removed. Moreover, Wasp’s bomb overdrive will no longer deactivate Mammoth’s overdrive. Additionally, overdrive duration will be increased to 7 seconds, and its speed boost will be increased to 40%.




Electromagnetic impulse distance will be decreased from 30 meters to 25 meters. Activation delay time will be increased by 10% while effect duration will be decreased by 10%. So, Hunter’s overdrive will be nerfed.




Just one change, which we’ve already told you about above. Wasp’s overdrive will no longer deactivate Mammoth’s overdrive.


Freeze’s alteration «Shock freeze»


Damage penalty will be decreased from 50% to 30%, freezing speed will be 3X faster, instead of 2X as before. This means that with this alteration, Freeze will freeze opponents faster, and lose less damage than before.


Striker’s alteration «Missile launcher “Hunter”»

Maximum projectile speed penalty will be removed. Projectiles will be as fast as without this alteration.


Striker’s alteration «Missile launcher “Cyclone”»


Aiming time penalty will be decreased from 40% to 30%.


Striker’s alteration «Missile launcher “Uranium”»


Decreased number of projectiles to 2.


Striker’s alteration «Remote rocket explosives»


Max projectile speed limit of 350 m/s will be added.


Vulcan’s alteration «Reinforced aiming transmission»


Vertical auto aim penalty will be cut by 50% to make Vulcan more effective on multi-level maps when using this alteration.


Vulcan’s alteration «Shooting speed regulator»


Damage per second penalty will be decreased by ¼ to 15%.


Other changes


We continue to develop and polish the new HTML5 version of the game.


Tomorrow, October 31st, we’re finally adding the feature for control remapping. Moreover, the new HTML5 version will also start working in browsers that support version 1 of WebGL technology, not just the second version. This means that more players will be able to enjoy our new HTML5 version, even those who play on outdated PCs.


Enter the game and check out the new features!

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