Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



For the first time ever, meet the TOF Solo Gauss!

Did you already get a taste of the new gun? Do you like to play it in Matchmaking? Then join this new tournament, it is made for you!


Players in this tournament are playing only on one gun: Gauss! You can use any hulls and supplies. Build your own tactics, use splash damage, aiming and direct shots, use everything that can bring you the win!


This tournament is only for players ranked Brigadier and upwards, who completed the procedure of registration according to the Rules.

The tournament will run in two stages:

  •  Up to 1/16 finals, Single Elimination (a single loss means you cannot continue)
  •  From 1/16 finals – Double Elimination (if you lose you have a second chance in the loser’s grid).

All tankers who reach at least 1/16 finals will receive prizes:

  • Crystals
  • Containers
  • Premium
  • Prime skin for Gauss or for any other gun
  • Tankoins
  • Acid paint
  • Spectrum module with 20% protection against every gun and mines
  • Nokia smartphone


Tournament calendar:

  • Registration will be open until 20:59 UTC on September 25th.
  • The battles start after September 27th.  

You can monitor the progress of the tournament on the eSports website and on Facebook.

More details about the registration and full rules of TOF Solo Gauss can be found on the eSports section of the forum or website.

Interesting battles at every stage of the tournament and, of course, the finals will be streamed on the YouTube-channel of Tanki Online eSports.


Don’t miss your spot on the tournament: enter and win!

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