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Registration for the individual tournament TO Fighting Solo in the Thunder category is open. Are you a Thunder pro? Do you know every trick of the turret? Then join the tournament!

All tankers with the rank of Brigadier and up and who register for the event according to Rules can join the TOF Solo Thunder tournament.

You can use any hull, any paint, protection module without Thunder and mines resistance, but the only allowed turret is Thunder.


The tournament will run in two stages: up to 1/16 finals, Single Elimination (a single loss means you cannot continue) and, beginning with 1/16 finals—Double Elimination (if you lose you have a second chance in the Lower grid).

All tankers who reach at least 1/16 finals will receive prizes, and the prize pool includes: loads of crystals, Premium, Thunder XT skin or Thunder Prime skin or Thunder Legacy skin on winner’s choice, Acid paint and a Spectrum module with 20% protection against all weapons and mines!


Tournament Calendar:

  • Registration will be open until 20:59 UTC on July 24th.
  • The battles start after July 26th.


You can monitor the progress of the tournament on the eSports website and on Facebook.

  • More details about the registration and full rules of TOF Solo Thunder can be found on the eSports section of the forum or website.

Interesting battles at every stage of the tournament and, of course, the finals will be streamed on the Youtube-channel of Tanki Online eSports.


Don’t miss your spot on the tournament: enter and win!

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