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Tankers! We have announced the start of the railgun tournament named Masters of the Sword in CLANs category earlier. Today we announce the start of registration for other categories where any player with a Brigadier rank or any rank higher can participate!

  • Trio — if you have mates who you play with but there are not enough to make a clan – it is the best choice for you. Sign up your squad consists of 4 players and take part in 3 vs 3 battles; hulls — Hornet and not more than 2 Wasps per team;
  • Tandem — a special category to take part in with your friend, 2 vs 2 battles, hulls — 1 Wasp and 1 Hornet per team;
  • Solo — if you want to rely only on yourself and show your personal skills on Railgun do not miss your chance and apply; hulls — Hornet or Wasp, your choice.


Each category consists of two stages:

  • First stage (until ⅛): Single Elimination system – if you lose you leave the tournament;
  • Second stage (since ⅛): Double Elimination – to be eliminated from the tournament  two loses are needed.


You can apply to any category on the eSports website

  • Trio — registration closes on February 13
  • Tandem — registration closes on February 7
  • Solo — registration closes on February 6


Matches of Tandem and Trio categories are held at 18:00 UTC, Solo at 17:00 UTC.


Do not forget to read the rules of the tournament which can be found on the eSports website or in the eSports section of the forum.


Tournament schedule

  • Tournament starts —  February
  • Final stage — March
  • Awarding — from March 27 to March 30


A lot of crystals, containers, shot effects for Railgun, XT skins, unique Spectrum module and legendary award paints Impulse and Gladiator!


Follow the progress of the tournament on the official eSports website, and in the eSports section of the forum.


Semifinals, Third place match and of course The Grand Final will be broadcasted on our eSports YouTube channel! Root for your favourites, watch matches and receive good prizes in giveaways!


Show your skills on Railgun! Hurry up to apply, participate and win!

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