Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



Tanki Cup is back with a new tournament in collaboration with our partners at ESL! The next event will happen very soon, tomorrow, July 15th, and you can register for the cup until 13:30 UTC on the day of the tournament. Matches will start at 14:00 UTC.


But let’s check back with the results of the last event! In the tournament which was played on July 8th a total of 11 teams played in the cup, and here’re the winners:


  • 1st place: Peppers (300,000 crystals for the team)
  • 2nd place: International (200,000 crystals for the team)
  • 3rd place: Dir3cTioNs (100,000 crystals for the team)


We remind you, that Tanki Cups are played in CTF format, 6v6, XP/BP. All players of the Brigadier rank and up can enter the tournaments.


Read about how ESL Tanki Cup is organized and how to register for the tournament in the first post in the official topic.


The full schedule for July can be found on the official ESL website.


Good luck to all who dare to enter the cup and let’s root for the best team to win!

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